Who doesn’t love a bargain? Perfection would be living in a world where you could name your price for the artful innovations and creations you select to complete your space. Unfortunately, that utopian concept doesn’t yet exist. Design, particularly good design, is usually delivered at a premium, but a skilled designer knows when to splurge and when to save!

Black and White Photography
Have you ever walked into a space and felt as if it had a certain… aura? Maybe it had a certain atmosphere or energy. Often the mood or tone is set less by items like furniture and more so with wall decor. Black and white photography is an agent that, done well, can bring such richness and intention to the room.

It may sound strange referring to black and white images as rich, but it’s actually a lot more visceral than one may think. When you deduct color from a print, the viewer is able to focus on the emotion and message the image is attempting to convey and less on the distractions of the details in the photo. You may find people feel a deeper connection or tie to the space when you introduce black and white photography in your design. This is particularly wise if the space is a home, the place most people strive to make extremely welcoming. Or, this could be good for a restaurant or retail space, since the goal is to get people to feel comfortable, stay awhile and partake of what you’re offering. Should you shell out and splurge or save your hard-earned dollars?

I think all designers have their own self-discovered tricks and tips when it comes to saving money on design essentials. One of mine is searching for beautiful black and white photos in unpopular and sometimes uncharted territory, buying the rights to the image and enlarging them for the space. You get impressive photography that’s light on the wallet. Nothing better than that!




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