The interior design industry is incredibly multifaceted. The field includes and requires creativity at every level, and I’m always my most authentic self when I can indulge in the artistically stimulating. You likely already know I enjoy clean, modern design. That said, I like to complement sleek, contemporary interior decor with fantastic and elegant visuals. Those usually come in the form of great pieces of artwork. Here are some unique ways you can incorporate art in your home decor!

Art that Inspires

Why have artwork in your home and workspaces, you may wonder? There are so many reasons. For me, seeing art vitalizes and inspires me throughout my day. It makes me smile, causes me to think, and motivates me in my personal development. Can art do all of that? It can, and it does!

When I wake up, the first thing I see is a piece of art that I strategically placed over my bed. The portrait, taken  by Arthur Reese, shows women who I affectionately call “my ladies.” They’re on the beach at a starting line poised to race.  As I open my eyes, I have a beautiful reminder to embrace the day with a running head start and go after my goal with mental fortitude.

I even use wallpaper as artwork in my home. On one wall I have a jaguar, which is one of my favorite animals. While the design works perfectly in the space, I chose that particular wallpaper because I love what the jaguar symbolizes. She’s the queen of the animal kingdom: smart, lethal, and calculating. She hunts day and night; similarly, I try to take advantage of every opportunity to make moves for my family and business. The wallpaper art highlights a piece of me, and I love to think about that as I pass it daily. These are just a few ways visual works of art impact and inspire me.

Custom Art

Using elevated decor makes it easy to create a luxurious aesthetic in your home. In fact, luxury doesn’t have to be expensive at all, especially when it comes to artwork. It can exist in select customized pieces that are specific to your space. It all depends on what you want to achieve. 

I enjoy having one-of-a-kind elements in my home. A simple way to create that with art is by commissioning artists to make personalized pieces for you! I decided to do this because I didn’t want cookie-cutter, mediocre visuals in my home. What do I mean by that? Oftentimes people get so set on bringing in specific colors to match their decor that they settle for art that isn’t necessarily what they really want. It happens all the time! Big-box retailers are full of artwork that may fit particular color combinations but lack style in the actual “art.”

With customized, commissioned work, you get art that not only coordinates with your decor but is impactful, too! I wanted a portrait of my two sons created, so I commissioned a company to design it. I love the final presentation of it! It is a simply gorgeous piece of art, but it is also a great keepsake that will stand the test of time. It captures a moment in my boy’s growth and development. I will always cherish that as a mom.

Art with Heart

Clients who have children frequently ask how I display my kids’ artwork without it clashing with my design and decor. It’s a funny but real question. Let’s be honest, parents: not everything our kids make in school is a Picasso-level or Louvre-worthy masterpiece. And that’s completely fine! We love all of their creative artwork as if they were.

I’ve found a really cool and sophisticated way to display my kids’ art in our home. I have them create art on paper and place them in inexpensive but beautiful frames. Often I’ll have the pieces matted, which adds another layer of uniformity to the presentation. My kids get to be a part of the overall home design, and that means so much to me. As a mom and a creative, I appreciate the empowerment opportunity this creates.

Once everything is framed, I showcase their work throughout my home. That could be in a gallery wall collection, on the counter, or on the credenza. This is my favorite art to display because it has sentimental value. Sure it beautifies the home, but the personal, intrinsic value means so much more.

Using art in your interior decor isn’t difficult, but it should all revolve around your personality and ideals. The sky’s the limit with how you can achieve that, and I’d love to help! Contact me today, and let’s talk about how we can incorporate some fantastic art into your decor!

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