This has already been a summer unlike any other we’ve experienced. We’re all spending much more time inside due to the current pandemic. If you’re like me, that has left you with an intense yearning for the outdoors and a healthy dose of natural vitamin D.

Outdoor spaces have really become so much more important in these times. I’m blessed to have a beautiful rooftop deck space that gives me perfect access to the sunshine and fresh air I crave. Unfortunately, it has traditionally only been used once or twice a year when I hosted a party or event. Other than that, it was simply a forgotten space. Now that our usual social events aren’t possible as we’re all taking extra safety precautions, this rooftop space has truly been a gem! I decided a sprucing up for my rooftop deck was well overdue, and I’m so thankful I got to partner with Sunbrella to turn this space into my new favorite part of the house!

A Personal and Professional Favorite

Partnering with Sunbrella was an organic collaboration because I’ve been using Sunbrella fabrics forever! Sunbrella is the ONLY fabric I’ve used outdoors and in my clients’ spaces for the last ten years, and for good reason. Nothing compares to Sunbrella’s durability. The fabrics handle stains easily and always look brand new due to the fact that it’s UV resistant and fade proof, meaning it won’t lose its vibrant color in the sunlight.

I have an outdoor patio seat cushion with Sunbrella fabric that gets used much more often than my deck seating. It has remained beautiful through three years of kids, birds and even spilled food contents. I can honestly say their fabrics can weather it all!

Revive and Refresh Your Outdoor Space

The first step in creating a more usable space was to make sure the area was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I brought furniture out on the rooftop, but the pieces needed new life. Giving older furniture new cushions is a perfect way to revitalize a space while still being budget-conscious.

I wanted to do something I’ve never done before and create a custom design in pillows! I’ve always been a huge fan of Sunbrella’s solids, but I felt very drawn to the symbolism of “the eye.” I’ve come across “the eye” many times during my travels abroad. It’s a symbol recognized in West Asia, Egypt and the Mediterranean among several other cultures. I’ve even worn it on bracelets for protection. For me, “the eye” is a reminder that I can be safe in a time when I feel most vulnerable. I knew I wanted to incorporate the emblem into the theme of my outdoor space. The cherry on top was that the design married my two favorite colors, teal and white, pretty perfectly!

Distanced and Social

Creating this outdoor space as a designer was an especially fun project. I envisioned an area that would effortlessly accommodate close groups of loved ones as they socialized post-pandemic. That meant special detail had to be given to the types of seating and the spacing.

Each guest would need their own seat as well as some sort of functional side table for their beverage. With at least six feet of social distance being our “new norm” now, one communal coffee table simply won’t suffice for everyone anymore. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I would incorporate that standard into the design, but it actually turned out great! I’m so happy with what we were able to achieve.

Wine, Not Whine

I know what you’re thinking: groups of people mingling with food and drinks? Won’t I be at least a little afraid of messes on my new beautiful cushions? Not with Sunbrella! I spilled red wine on one of them last week, and you would never know it. To clean the fabric, I just needed a little soap and water. Even the white Sunbrella fabric is as good as new!

My rooftop is filled with fun, music, family and plenty of carefree moments. It’s a warm and cozy, beautiful, lived-in space. Visit Sunbrella for your outdoor space needs today!

Sunbrella Fabrics Used: Level Atlantis, Layer Caribbean, Canvas White and Heritage Char

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