Disclaimer:  Lowe’s provided me with some of the materials I used in this home office redesign. I bought the rest of the materials from them with my own money. The opinions I shared about using these materials are my own, and Lowe’s did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

It’s easy to understand how everyone might be feeling a bit out-of-sorts lately. Our entire world is dealing with never before encountered circumstances, and it’s beyond difficult to problem solve when you aren’t even sure where to begin. If you’re someone who works from home, you’re likely dealing with an extra dose of chaos and maybe a little anxiety about how to make it all function well.

I bet Lowe’s doesn’t automatically come to mind when you think of back-to-school readiness, but you’re going to be amazed when you see this Weekend Workspace Transformation! I’m so happy to be a #lowespartner. Lowe’s helped me give this mom and teacher an inspired, dream space in an unusual place within her home. I’ll show you exactly how we did it!

A Terrific Teacher’s Transformation

Many moms feel like the kitchen area is their territory, and Mrs. Bemis is no different. Her setup has taken on an unusual dual purpose as she not only utilizes the space for more traditional uses to care for her family, but also as a workspace for her students. Along with other teachers in the region, Mrs. Bemis has been forced to teach remotely due to the pandemic and quarantine. Her two daughters are also home early from college, and they frequently sit in the kitchen to do their own schoolwork. We knew we wanted to give her a space she could feel comfortable in, and one that would excel in both form and function.

Our Weekend Workspace Transformation began with a vision of giving Mrs. Bemis a gorgeous tuxedo kitchen with newly painted tile countertops and a modern feel. She wanted the room to have a refreshing breeze, so we revamped and updated the space by removing the outdated lighting and replacing it with two beautiful Hunter Aker 36-in Indoor Ceiling Fans with Lights from Lowes. Mrs. Bemis’ former desk area felt more like it had been haphazardly thrown in a corner. Moreover, it felt less like it was a dedicated space conducive for productivity and motivation.

It’s All In the Details

We knew we needed to pay attention to all the big and small details. That’s the key to shifting a space and its energy from disorganized and chaotic to styled and uplifting. An easy way to do exactly that is to upgrade the hardware in a space. We added a Brainerd Brushed Brass Bar Cabinet Door Pull from Lowe’s, and switched out her faucet for an updated one, among other chic finishes that add a bit of glam to the space.

This space wouldn’t be ideal if it ran short on function. Lowe’s made sure every item was in tip-top shape! Mrs. Bemis recently had the unfortunate experience of a small fire in her range. Lowes.com helped me deliver a brand new stainless steel Freestanding Gas Range as well as a new Hisense Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator in stainless steel. A teacher’s workspace relies on an organized, methodized system. Did you know you can find decorative baskets at your Lowe’s? I use them everywhere, and they can be especially helpful on a kitchen counter. Rethink uses for items like this Bamboo Flatware Organizer by Lipper International that can also be used to store office items in an atypical space.

Perhaps the update that underwent the biggest visual transformation was the tile countertops. It’s an easy step by step process that you can achieve in the span of a weekend! First you use a hard degreaser, and then clean the tiles really well. Next, you paint them with Tough As Tile White High-Gloss Tub and Tile Resurfacing Kit from Lowe’s. We love this product. Give them a couple of days to dry, and your Weekend Workspace Transformation is complete!

Like most teachers, Mrs. Bemis was beyond humble about having the space she deserved. She needed a place that would take her from work to home in a seamless manner. I knew Lowe’s was the go-to spot for that! Now, whether she’s helping her family, or teaching via Zoom, Mrs. Bemis will feel confident and well-equipped to do it all. We all know you simply cannot pour from an empty cup. Thank you so much to Lowe’s for helping me fill hers, and make this teacher and mom happy to get back to school this fall!


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