Disclaimer:  Lowe’s provided me with some of the materials I used in this Weekend Workspace Transformation redesign. I bought the rest of the materials from them with my own money. The opinions I shared about using these materials are my own, and Lowe’s did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

As an interior designer, I love recreating spaces in my home. I understand the impact that freshening up interior looks can have on my emotional well-being. It’s a primary motivation for helping others with their homes. Add to that an amazing, super-sweet and very deserving recipient, and you’ll understand why I went all in for this Lowe’s Weekend Workspace Transformation!

Something Special for Someone Special

Jackie Gonzalez teaches at my oldest son’s school. He adores her, and so do I. She is the quintessential teacher who gives of her time, heart and attention without fail each and every day. When I found out she recently received a lupus diagnosis, I knew I wanted to do something special for her. After the recent announcement of Los Angeles public schools not opening at the beginning of this upcoming fall, I wanted to support Ms. Gonzalez personally and professionally. Kingsley and I wanted it to be as bright a spot in her home as she is in our community!

This recent global pandemic created unexpected circumstances for most everyone around the world. I can only imagine the anxiety it sparked for people who, like Ms. Gonzalez, have an autoimmune disorder. Being at home for indefinite periods of time can be a gift of safety, but it can also be a real challenge for productivity. Thankfully, Lowe’s provides a variety of product selections and creative solutions for versatile workspaces. I knew I could count on them to help me find ways to make Ms. Gonzalez’s home permanently adaptable going into the upcoming fall school year.

The Lowe’s Transformation

For Ms. Gonzalez’s Weekend Workspace Transformation, I decided to redesign a cute (but outdated) workspace in her attic. The room presented one particular challenge: a slanted support beam in the middle of the space. I used it as inspiration to think creatively about the room, and to shift my design paradigm to create an appealing but functional aesthetic. When working with unusual elements in a space, know that complete overhauls are not always necessary. Enhancing the space with creative decor can be just as striking!

Ms. Gonzalez and I went to lowes.com and ordered accessories to bring the natural elements in the space to life. That started with new color enhancements. Can a space be complete without a fresh coat of paint? I don’t think so! With that, I gave the space a much-needed refresh with this lovely shade from Lowe’s, and it was exactly what was needed to seal the look. I repainted the walls, structural beams, desk and base of the buildout in the middle of the room. It gave the room a sense of renewal that really energized Ms. Gonzalez’s spirit. Lowe’s for the win again!

Astonish with Accessories! 

To help with organization, we added extra storage with crisp white, three-shelf bookcases. We also utilized storage baskets with lids. These accents are small but elevated decorations that enhance the room and function as great as they look! We incorporated further storage by creating wood shelves on the walls. Supporting them with stylish gold brackets added just a touch of opulence to showcase the beauty of the floating shelves.

One of the most intuitive ways to change the look of a space is by adding new lighting. Whether it’s a gorgeous floor lamp with a brightly-hued lampshade, a decorative sconce or a compact desk lamp, you can brighten the space and even customize the tones in the room with light! We were able to incorporate each of these choices in Ms. Gonzalez’s work area. Rest assured that Lowe’s has an incredible selection for any lighting need you might have.

Elegant Extras

Working with products as a #LowesPartner always reminds me that small, unexpected elements add so much to home spaces. I kept that in mind while redesigning Ms. Gonzalez’s office. To create an open, airy appeal to the room, I added indoor greenery to help bring the outside in. Lowe’s has a nice selection to fit any room in your home. Other items, such as a pop of color from a side table or a nice runner or floor rug, ground a space and bring everything together for a cohesive look and feel. It’s so great to know that whatever accents I need, Lowe’s has all I need to make a creative redesign happen.

Before I began this project, Ms. Gonzalez felt extremely anxious about the upcoming year. A little creativity and some really great products from Lowe’s changed all of that in one weekend! You can do it, too! Head over to lowes.com, add these great products to your list, and create your own Weekend Workspace Transformation with Lowe’s, your at-home headquarters for work or school!

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