When I look at the life I have and the opportunities I have been afforded, I am reminded of how my life’s story has been a unique one in almost every way since birth. The unexpected twists and turns have not always been happy ones, but I am certain they have directed me exactly to where I was meant to be. The best news is my career path and story? Well those pages are still being written, and I can’t wait to see what’s in my next chapter! In the meantime, I think of all the messages I receive on an almost daily basis asking me about how I started my career as a designer. People ask how I became an interior designer for HGTV, and how they can figure out where to start to reach their own goals. Well buckle up, because today we’re going to talk about finding your career path and making your dreams a reality!

When the (Career) Path is Uncertain

One of the biggest things many of us share is a fear or discomfort around the “unknowns” in our lives. How many moments have you spent wondering about how things will turn out? Ruminating thoughts bounce around in our minds regarding relationships, projects, work and other important life aspects. Each of them is wrapped in a common cloud of mystery. We never quite know how things will progress. However, accepting that navigating uncharted territory is part of the process might just be the first step on the way to finding your career path. 

Potential Prospects Could Be Perfect

Spoiler alert: things don’t turn out exactly as you imagine them. Even bigger spoiler: that’s okay. In fact, it’s perfect. Listen, as much as we often wish we had a crystal ball to answer some of those somersaulting thoughts we just finished identifying, it just isn’t realistic. Life unfolds in its own way. When it does, like your swim instructor taught you, don’t swim against the current. 

When I was younger, I was sure I would grow up to become a neonatal nurse. I loved babies, and I wanted to care for them all the time. As I got older I discovered that the job I wanted involved sometimes caring for sick babies who would pass away. I knew I couldn’t handle that part of the job, so my thoughts about my possible career path changed. Little did I know, that would be one of many surprises life had in store for me.

Pointless to Plan?

When I became pregnant with my first child, I decided almost immediately that I wanted to wait to learn the sex of our baby until the birth. Unexpected complications and necessary extra ultrasounds thwarted my plans. I was convinced I was having a girl with both of my pregnancies. So, imagine my shock when “It’s a BOY!” was blurted out to me on both occasions! Of course, I was thrilled to be having healthy babies of either sex, but like many other moms, hopes of all the girly activities my daughters and I could do together were promptly dashed and replaced with more stereotypical “boy” ones. Once again, life had a perfect plan in store.

My two boys have been the biggest blessings in so many ways. I understand so much more about men after becoming a mom to sons. There are certain innate tendencies and personality traits that just make sense to me now! Additionally, we encourage embracing both masculine AND feminine energy along with comfortable gender expression without societal limits. Because of this, I never “missed out” on anything by having my precious sons. We’re able to enjoy any of the activities they’re interested in, and trust me, those options are endless. I have chronicled my experience of being a boy mom and through that process I’ve been able to help so many moms along their parenting journeys! Being a radio show host and lifestyle expert and blogger was a part of my career path that I could have never predicted. The lesson? Set goals and work towards them, but remember that you often hold only pieces of life’s puzzle. Leave room for the ones you haven’t encountered yet.

Natural Talent: A Hiding Place For a Career Path

I have talked about my start in Hollywood as a child actor and model. I’ve even talked about owning my retail store as a teenager. All of these parts of my upbringing were foreshadowing my future preoccupation with the creative field. But, I can see that even smaller instances were indications of how my career path would develop. I would go visit friends’ homes and rearrange their parents’ furniture in a more aesthetically pleasing configuration while they were away. Friends would ask me to come look at their vacation homes and give suggestions on how to make it appear larger or what modifications to make to the design. Only later would I put those skills to use and open my own interior design firm, Breegan Jane LLC!

My parents knew even before I did that I was comfortable in front of the camera. That, coupled with my desire to help others and aptitude for all things creative, would lead to being asked to be an HGTV interior designer on the network’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I was able to utilize my natural talents in a way that helped deserving families get new homes. When you’re searching for the career that suits you, ask yourself what interests you hold. The areas where you excel might be where your answer is lurking!

Remain Open 

I’ve always had an ability to view a space and see what it could be in ways others couldn’t imagine. I discovered that transforming a blank slate into a work of art was a skill that not everyone possesses and that it could have an incredible effect on my career trajectory. It didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t immediately obvious. I didn’t grow up with a plan to be an HGTV interior designer. I leaned into my natural interests, abilities and savvy. Those, along with an openness to what life had for me allowed me to find my career path. If you’re searching for yours, consider following those tips. The journey may mature in ways you would never have expected, but the ride? Well it’s always worth it!


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