Do you have siblings? What’s your relationship with them like? I am the oldest of three kids, and I’ve always loved having a sister and a brother. I often joke that my sister was my baby, and that I potty trained her myself! There’s nothing like having close relationships with your family members. Your relationship with siblings? Well, that’s a bond unlike any other. While many of us wish that simply being related would be enough to guarantee an unbreakable sibling connection, it often takes a little more effort than that. Luckily for us, parents, helping to form healthy sibling relationships is easier than it may seem! I’ll show you what works for the Breegan household.

Sibling Outfits: To Match or Not to Match?

If I made an “FAQ” (frequently asked questions) about my sons, one of them would definitely be about their fashion sense. I am admittedly biased. If you ask me, they’re the cutest kids on the west coast! Of course, every mom says something similar about their kids. However, I do get an inordinate amount of inquiries about my sons and their fashion sense. The first thing most people notice is that the boys are often in matching outfits. The most common questions I get are regarding why I coordinate their clothing and whether my sons enjoy the matching. 

My reasons for the adorable duplicates are both convenience and style related. For starters, it is honestly simpler to select one outfit and buy two of them in each of their sizes! There is an even greater advantage to the matching, though. When we’re at a playground or on a playdate, it is much easier to quickly identify my boys in a sea of other kids if they’re both wearing the same color and ensembles. That’s a “mom hack!” 

Support Sibling Differences

Of course, as a mom who delights in the power of visual representation, I do enjoy dressing my boys for important events and appointments. I pick out their outfits for the meaningful stuff, and I allow them to flex their own individual styles on other days. It’s been interesting to see how their personalities impact their fashion choices. While there’s nothing cuter than coordinating kiddos, sometimes fostering healthy sibling relationships means finding ways to allow their differences to shine through. Kids need to feel good about having individuality, and I never forget to prioritize that whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Between Brothers

I have always been maternal, and I knew that no matter where life took me, children would be in my future. My sons are two years apart, and I beam inside when I think about the closeness they currently share. I hope that’s something they will take well into adulthood, but I know it’s up to me to lay the foundation. I believe healthy sibling relationships thrive when the diversity in their personalities is cause for celebration, not dread. 

In many ways, my boys couldn’t be more different. Kingsley, my oldest, is a gentle and compassionate child. He even displayed caretaking traits very early on with his younger brother. Kingsley is easygoing and patient, where Kensi, his brother, is much more of a risk-taker. My youngest is an active and fearless child. I see their personality differences daily, and I embrace them. Neither is better than the other or more preferred. In fact, they balance one another out. I can see the way each of them appreciates the other. When you notice your kids’ varying characteristics, don’t shy away from them. Point them out and compliment them. Say things like, “I love how thoughtful you are,” or, “I think it’s great that you are always willing to try new things.” You will instill confidence in your children while reminding them that their unique personalities are embraced.

Healthy Sibling Relationships Are Made

I’ve talked about the benefits of keeping kids active and empowering them in various ways. When your goal is to nurture positivity between siblings, you have to go the extra mile. One way I regularly do that is by seeking out activities my boys can do and enjoy together. This can be tricky when your kids have different strengths, but that shouldn’t impede the fun. Enroll your kids in fun extracurricular classes, sports and activities that will allow kids of different ages to participate together. My kids love horseback riding, learning music production, basketball and more. I’m careful to ensure the focus is on learning, fun and good sportsmanship, instead of winning or losing. Every kid won’t be amazing at sports or art. Neither will every adult. But, if you can have a blast while doing something fun together, you’ll create memories that will last well beyond a number on a scoreboard.

Siblings are like having built-in best friends. Parents always wish for the relationships between their kids to be strong and lasting. Consider these tips to help enhance the bond between your littles. You’ll be glad you did!


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