Friends are just the best.

Yes, because they’re friends, but also because so many things about them tend to rub off on us (and hopefully that’s a good thing). My friends definitely influence some things that I experience, especially what goes into my music playlists.

With that, I have to shout out my good friend Lori for giving me one of my new favorite songs (even though it’s an older song) that I keep on repeat, Michel Teló’s song “Ai Se Eu Te Pego.” Now, I don’t know a lick of Portuguese, but that doesn’t stop my shoulder-shimmying when I play it! I hear Michel’s voice and hear the accordion begin with the band, and I just start moving!


This song has such a simple but perfect melody. It’s a reminder to me of the power of music and how it transcends language, location and cultures. It personifies Michel’s Brazilian roots, but it reminds me of Miami sunshine and Venice breezes. I sing and hum along despite not knowing the lyrics (even though I looked up the English translation out of curiosity), and it always puts me in a zone of contentment. It’s one of those perfect, happy mood songs for any age and demographic. I encourage you to take a listen and explore more Brazilian music after checking it out. That’s what I did.

And hey, Lori, I know this was one of your favs, but I’m politely snatching it as my own. Thanks, girl! 🙂

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