Every designer has his or her own concentration and aptitude for creating beautiful things. For many of us, years of developing personal artistry yields a certain hallmark or stamp. It’s a particular feature which often distinguishes one designer’s style from anyone else’s. In this series, I hope to share with interested readers a few of the design elements that have become uniquely Breegan Jane.

Tufted Enchantment

When you’ve worked in design for a while keeping your hand on the pulse of what’s trending, you tend to develop this sort of sixth sense as it relates to the desires of clients. Before long, you can predict what the trends will be, even sometimes before they reach the eyes of the average consumer. The whole thing is quite algorithmic in nature; it’s like cookies stored on your computer resulting in advertisements for that dress you browsed last week. My creative brain works in similar ways.

Perhaps one of the most sought after characteristics my clients list is elegance. No big surprise there, right? Most people want a beautiful home that pleasantly greets their senses when they step inside. Your home serves as sanctuary after a long day of dealing with necessary (and oftentimes difficult) challenges, and the look of the space directly impacts the way you feel and even exist inside of it. For that very reason, I place great importance on getting it just right for those who trust me with their projects.

Tufts: A Treat With Charm

I incorporate tufted furniture in many of my design plans. It really does lift the visual spirit of a room. While the frequent tufting sightings may lead you to believe that this type of furniture is “new” and “trendy”, one of my favorite things about this style is that it’s actually a very old technique. Tufting dates back to the late 1800’s!

I used tufted furniture in Leona Venice and as you can see in pictures, it can become quite the beautiful focal point of any space.


Tufted furniture can be found in countless fabrics and colors featured on sofas, chaise lounges, even ottomans. A piece of tufted furniture is superb because it adds a touch of instant elegance to a room, while being particularly soft – which is especially great if you have little ones. Don’t be afraid to get mesmerized by the charisma of tufting in your space!



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