One of the most exciting parts about entering into a new year when you’re in the world of interior design has to be all the new trends that come with it! Everyone has their predictions about what will take design by storm, and it’s always fun to see what turns out to be true! Humans are, by nature, sort of group thinkers. We like to arrive at a consensus where possible, and the concept of trends reinforces that idea. However, trends aren’t just about conforming to what others are doing. Instead, they’re about watching the marketplace and the industry to see what’s hot! Tastemakers are always keeping their eyes on the next big thing, and so with that, let’s dive into furniture trends of 2024!

2024 Furniture Trends: Shape

It’s virtually impossible to look at a room and take in its design without noticing the largest items in the space. Those items are usually furniture. Shape plays a significant role in influencing not only the look of a space, but the design style of it, too. Last year, curves and fluidity were everywhere. We saw a lot of what I like to call “kidney bean” sofas. They featured soft and rounded edges that often had a bit of an irregular shape. I have used them in home designs often. In 2024, the shape of furniture will take a sharp departure from those curves and lean much more towards geometric shapes. I think we will see furniture designers take an almost architectural approach with constructing pieces. I look forward to seeing striking sculptural couches, chairs and tables. 

Freedom in Furniture in 2024 

How many of you remember having a traditional two or three seater sofa with the defined back cushions? Most of us have owned those or had family members who did. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, I think we will see a shift in the design towards modular sofas. You might already have one in your home! Modular sofas come in pieces. They grant you the freedom to arrange them in whatever configuration works best for you.

You might be wondering why this matters. Well, after a rough couple of years of little to no contact with people outside our households (remember social distancing?), we have all embraced gathering like never before! Whether you’re planning a party, a meeting or a family dinner, you want to ensure you always have enough seating for everyone invited. Modular sofas allow you to take a piece that might otherwise be used as an ottoman for your feet, and use it as an additional seat. No two rooms are made the same. Modular sofas are able to morph as needed into the space you have allotted for that type of seating. I think we will see more people opting for these transformable pieces in 2024.

Attention to Texture and Construction

Now this one is something I don’t think ever went out of style, and I doubt it will in 2024. I think one of the biggest trends in furniture will revolve around textures! Bouclé certainly had its moment in 2023, and I totally understand why. The curly looped fabric is delightfully soft, and it especially looks nice in white and shades of cream. In 2024, look for trends to punch it up even more with texture. I think we will see lots of tufting and velvet, both which are always timeless. We will also see more performance fabrics, a plus if you like to host frequently or have young children prone to spills. Don’t be surprised to see more exposed metal framing, and even pieces of raw wood. All in all, I think furniture will be fun to interact with, and I’m excited about that.

If you’re looking to purchase furniture in the near future and you want to know what designers and design enthusiasts are predicting to be “on trend”, you’ll find that manufacturers aren’t holding back! They are indulging in fun, innovative details that feel both functional and avant-garde. I think we’ll all be making statements with our spaces in 2024!


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