Let’s be honest: things are weird. The COVID-19 quarantine has everybody a little bit on edge, and the world is kind of…upside down. If you’re a parent, specifically a mom, you understand that kids add an entirely new layer to this whole quarantine situation! We moms are doing a little (or a lot) of everything at all times of the day and night. It’s an interesting time indeed, but we will survive, moms!

Happy Hour?

My friend Rory Uphold continues to give me new reasons to be proud. She’s a brilliant, funny and talented actor (it doesn’t hurt that she’s also pretty cute!) and she’s been spreading joy across the world wide web with her Recipes For Disaster video series. The latest one features a drink called “Please Take My Kids,” better known as a gin fizz. And really, don’t we all need a drink from time to time right now? LOL. Rory’s bartending doesn’t exactly go off without a hitch in the clip. Let’s just say she gets a *tiny* taste of what it can be like to be a mom and do anything else at the same time. Check out the video to see what I mean.

The Best Medicine

Laughter is a big part of how we get through this. I’d like to challenge everyone to find a bright spot in every day. I’m not talking about toxic positivity. No one will feel good every single day, and maybe not even every week. We will inevitably have our tough moments, and perhaps you’ll need a glass of Rescue Rosé wine from time to time. I’m reminding you that even on our worst days, we’re still here, and that’s something. 

These are moments in time. You and me? We will survive this moment. If you can hold onto that, the battle is already won. If you can laugh at the ridiculous, and trust me, there will be much of it, you’re heading towards gold star territory.

Saving Grace

For moms who are being reminded by the quarantine that their multitasking skills and patience are both a little rusty, well, luckily there’s grace for that. That’s the key. Give yourself the grace to be a human wading through uncharted territory. You have never had to do this before. Remind yourself that NONE of us have ever done this before. You might be a seasoned pro of a mom, but quarantined-stay-at-home-mom-in-toddler-combat you are not. I assure you that nobody has the instruction manual on how to navigate this perfectly. Grace is not just helpful; it’s essential. Again, we will survive this. 

Grapes That Do Good

I mentioned Rescue Rosé earlier, and I would be remiss if I didn’t share more about this tasty vino and thoughtful company! Nola Singer is a fashion stylist in LA with a passion for animal rescue. Her Rosé isn’t just delicious, it benefits animals in need! Proceeds from a portion of every bottle sold go to Love Leo Rescue, an organization that saves thousands of dogs and finds them forever homes. Unwind with a glass today, and help a pup in need at the same time. See? Your multitasking skills are already improving! *wink*

Hang in there everyone. We will survive this. All of it. See you on the other side!

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