One of the things we talk most about here on my website and blog is…home! Building homes, designing homes, even the meaning of home are all guaranteed topics you’ll run into if you venture into Breegan Jane territory. Of course, because I’m an interior designer, that makes sense. I make homes! Today, I want to talk about something a little different, but still home-adjacent. I want to explore one of my favorite “home-away-from-home” hotel chains with you: W Hotels. I was recently reminded of my long standing love for this company, and I think the reason will be clear after you read this blog!

About W Hotels

You’re likely already aware that I travel frequently for work. I’m always jetsetting off to film a TV show, meet clients or attend an event of some sort. Well, recently I traveled to Arizona to participate in a panel. To my great delight, my hotel reservations were booked for the W Scottsdale! I hadn’t stayed at a W Hotel in what felt like ages, but I have always thought of this chain fondly. If you aren’t familiar with this hotel group, allow me to provide a little backstory.  W Hotels is part of Marriott International, Inc. and the entire chain was inspired by the vibrancy of New York City and its unmatched lively and stimulating energy and culture.

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Over 50 W hotels can be found in more than 25 countries, so chances are you’re closer to one than you think! These upscale hotels hold a special place in my heart. I traveled to New York a lot when I was younger and deeply involved with my career in fashion. The W was one of the first hotels that felt luxurious and was in my budget back then. I remember feeling like I had reached a new level of success when I was able to stay there. Those types of positive experiences don’t leave you. You’ll find out later that I had other really beautiful experiences there too.

A Masterclass in Branding

Once upon a time, learning marketing was something that only came up in college classrooms for business majors. Today, everyone and everything is a “brand.” Each time you put yourself out there to be a spokesperson, to give an opinion, to advertise something or even just to relay the truth about who you are, you are branding yourself or your business. And, it’s not easy! One wrong move could mean you lose customers, cause confusion over what you stand for, or see great financial setbacks. So, when I see companies get it right, I’m always impressed! Well before I was an interior designer, I was an entrepreneur. The W’s branding was always something I noticed because it was so effective and incredibly pertinent to my own career path!

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The hotel chain says it aims to bring, “the best of music, fashion, design and fuel to stunning destinations around the globe.” One of the things I consistently took note of was how skilled the W was at visual representation of their brand. It aligned perfectly with their aim. I loved that there always seemed to be some chic art installation piece in their lobbies that was innovative enough to stay relevant and modern. The W’s branding had an approachability that made me feel like I could host either my grandparents there for a weekend, or my trendy 20-something friends, and both groups would be perfectly comfortable. That’s a value I appreciate. It’s similar to my own “modern approachable luxury” design style! The W has so splendidly mastered branding that you immediately know you’re in one of their hotels without ever having to see the name or signage. That’s inspiring for an entrepreneur like myself.

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Unbeatable Hospitality

Can you talk about a hotel without mentioning the people who run it? I don’t think so. I mentioned before that I used to travel to New York often for work when I was younger. Many times I would be in town for an event of some sort. I remember being in my room getting ready, and my dress had closures that buttoned all the way up the back. I couldn’t fasten them alone, so I called down to the front. A slightly embarrassed Breegan asked if someone could help me, and with a cheery voice, they sent someone right up. A nice lady from housekeeping buttoned me up, and I’ll forever be appreciative of that kind of hospitality. I can recall several other instances when the kindness of the staff at the hotels was on full display. It’s just one more thing to add to the list of why I love W!

When I became a mom of two young boys my needs were very specific when it came to hotels. I traded the hip, bustling and young atmosphere for places that had kiddie pools and candy at the entrances (LOL). So I hadn’t gotten a chance to go back to my beloved W hotel chain in quite a while before W Scottsdale. Now that my sons are older, I’m excited to explore the hotels at many of their locations worldwide! It truly feels like a home away from home. If you’ve ever been curious about them, it’s worth a visit. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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