I’m a bonafide, Southern California beach girl. I was practically born on the sand! I’ve lived in the area my entire life, and my close proximity to the beach is a huge part of the reason I know I will always live on a coast somewhere in the world. So, when the idea of going on a camping trip arose, this beach girl had more than her fair share of doubts. I mean, I’m outdoorsy, and I’m no helpless damsel in distress, but a camping aficionado I am not! However, one trip to Kampgrounds of America changed everything! Campers and non-campers alike will want to hear about THIS experience.

Making Mom’s Life Easy

I have two young rambunctious boys, and their bodies, minds and souls require a LOT of recreation and engaging activity to keep them entertained. I’m always looking for fun and unique extracurricular projects and pursuits that might pique their interests. When I considered camping, I always shied away from the idea because I thought it would demand more of me than I could handle. Kampgrounds of America makes it so easy! 

There are more than 500 campgrounds all across America, which means no matter where you are, you’re likely to be close to a beautiful site with lots to do! I didn’t have to go find a place for our camping adventure, I simply had to check the site and enter my location. We visited the KOA in Ventura, a quick two-hour drive. One of the best things about the visit as a mom was all the help you are provided once you arrive. At check-in, you receive tons of guidance where everything is explained in detail and you can ask as many questions as you need to. I was really impressed by how well everything was laid out, and the hospitality. It was evident that the staff really loves what they do, and that sort of energy goes a long way in making visitors feel welcome!

Novice Camper? No Problem!

Anyone who knows Breegan Jane knows that I love a good staycation. I love spending time in swanky hotels with the convenience of room service and a pool. Camping, on the other hand, was intimidating! It felt like the polar opposite of my relaxing hotel stays. I mean, I know nothing about pitching a tent! So imagine my surprise when I learned that Kampgrounds of America offered several different ways to camp, and many of them were perfect for inexperienced campers like me! You can select from options like RV sites with patios, deluxe cabins with private full bathrooms and kitchenettes, log-style camping cabins with beds and electricity, glamping tents and even teepees! No matter what your style, KOA has accommodations for you to enjoy, and enjoy we did!

Delightful Distractions in Camping

Okay parents, let’s get real. The moment you tell your kids they won’t have their usual electronic devices, eyes start bulging with disbelief, and the groans commence. I mean, we’re all a bit overly connected to our screens these days. But, if the thought of a few days without TV and the internet makes you squirm, allow me to put those fears to rest. Kampgrounds of America sites have so many fun things to do! We were excited to give it all a try. Of course, my “water babies” spent time in the pool, but we also had a blast exploring the World Labyrinth, which was like a meditation maze. Our KOA site also had a jumping pillow, rock climbing tower, watering hole, and more. Long story short, your kids won’t have time to miss their electronics. They’ll be too busy enjoying the fresh air and great outdoors!

The Freedom to Roam

I was immediately struck by how much my boys reveled in being able to simply wander around in a safe environment. While our neighborhood at home is safe, we obviously still have to be hyper-aware of cars and the dangers that exist when you’re near a street. I’m always careful to keep them close when we’re in the city. Out at our campsite, none of that was a factor. Kingsley and Kensi enjoyed just walking around and running ahead on our hikes. That kind of freedom is priceless.

I cannot say enough great things about my time at the Ventura Ranch KOA. Before this experience, I never thought I’d be someone who sought out camping excursions. Kampgrounds of America proved me wrong! I will definitely be back for more camping fun. If you’ve ever been curious about taking a trip like this, trust me, you should! Take it at your pace, choose your level of comfortable lodging, and have fun! Tell them Breegan sent you!

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