Every designer has his or her own concentration and aptitude for creating beautiful things. For many of us, years of developing personal artistry yields a certain hallmark or stamp. It’s a particular feature which often distinguishes your design style from anyone else’s. In this series, I hope to share with interested readers a few of the design elements that have become uniquely Breegan Jane. 

It’s a simple concept, really. Afterall, it is just a tub, sitting in a shower – that is until you realize most people don’t think of the combination as being an organic synthesis. A tub and shower are common features many of us need and use regularly; as average consumers, our consideration of them goes no further. As a designer, my mind ignites with excitement when I anticipate fusing the two into something that both tickles the visual fancy and features the form and functionality.

la-fi-hotprop-venice-contemporary-20141117-pho-019_yej0n2-1 (Breegan Jane, Venice Beach)

On the Allure

There is something about an updated classic that calls out to me. I think it’s the quaint simplicity which beckons for a simple touch of luxury. I greet those challenges eagerly to make them my own. When I have the pleasure of working with a client, my goal is to catch a vision for what they want and merge that with their desired budget, all while creating something that exceeds their expectations from a design standpoint. Understanding clients’ needs is crucial; if I create something that’s beautiful but isn’t practical, it’s not a useful design! With that said, I think we’ve all been sold a lie that functional design is sometimes necessarily unattractive. My artistic style seeks to disprove that. Our “everyday use” spaces don’t have to be ugly! Thinking outside the box and pushing limits with design allows me to create something timeless and classic, often for a budget similar to that of a cookie-cutter, function-only focused one.

I have an affinity for clawfoot tubs. They’re elegant with a vintage style so antique that you never have to worry about them being out of style. If a homeowner typically expects to have the house for about ten years, I want to make sure the investment in design will hold up effortlessly. Selecting such a timeless piece ensures that the client is visually pleased with the space year in and year out..

rplqfaufeqng6gzlyfzs(Breegan Jane, Venice Beach)

On the Function

Placing a tub within a shower is particularly brilliant for moms. As a mother myself, I know what bathtime can mean when you have small children. Wrestling to get little ones squeaky clean when they have boundless energy is quite the workout. Washing one while the other is spraying water all over the room is not an anomaly. If I’m helping my son wash his hair and his brother decides to playfully douse me with water, there’s no time to worry about the floor getting drenched. A tub that lives in a shower means a splash free-for-all for kids and a stress-free bathing experience for mom. The ingenuity of this design means that a soak in your tub (withOUT the kids) can be free of focusing on water spills and bubble-overflow. With this placement, you can go ahead and relax because clean up is sure to be a breeze.

bathtub-in-shower (www.aquaticausa.com)

A splendidly designed bathroom space has to do more than look pretty or simply operate as your washing area. It must multitask as a charming, polished nook equally as well as performing for your lifestyle needs. Extraordinary design details and unexpected uses for common features can be pleasantly transformative!

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