We are a true Venice Beach family. We love the outdoors, and I love any chance to soak up some sun and be active with my sons! I’ve always loved bike riding, even before I was a mom. It doesn’t hurt that we live on a beautiful beach; it’s hard not to be tempted to spend our days drenched in sun rays. Perhaps the thing I get stopped and asked about the most while out and about is my unique cargo bike.

As a mother of one, I would often put my son in the child bike seat, and we would be on our way, happily cycling through the city. I was thrilled I didn’t have to give up my love of biking, and my son enjoyed stopping for lunch or ice cream during our short trips. After my youngest was born, it became increasingly difficult to bike with two. I had safety concerns about riding with one on the front and the other on the back, so I began looking to remedy the problem. My research led me to my beloved cargo bike. The cargo compartment holds four children and has four safety straps. At almost $1,000, it isn’t a cheap investment. It’s worth every penny, though, not to mention it’s a bargain compared to some of its competitors.

A teacher out of Long Beach, California ships the parts over from Asia and assembles them. He hand delivered it to me, and the kids and I have been rolling ever since! The bike has an amazing effect on my children. They LOVE it! My sons are incredibly active, and they never stop moving. At home, I can’t get them to sit still for two minutes. But put them in the bike cargo, and they are mesmerized by it all: the sightseeing on the Venice Boardwalk, the roller skaters that zoom past, and the motion of my pedaling. The cargo bike gives me an excuse to get exercise in without feeling like work. With the wind blowing through my hair and California sun on my face, it definitely tops the list of my favorite hobbies with the kiddos!

We love the cargo bike in our household. I’d recommend it to anyone in a bikeable area looking to cycle with the whole family!


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  1. There are cargo bike delivery firms in about a dozen places around the UK, and many more across continental Europe, carrying everything from Amazon packages to office stationery to takeaway food.