On April 12, 2017, I traveled across the country (literally!) to Jacksonville, Florida, to sit and film with the ladies of The Chat on First Coast News. I was honored to have been invited, and excitement overwhelmed me as I began preparing for the trip. I called on my friends and Mommy Tribe who helped me with styling, supportive pep talks and quieting the anxious butterflies I felt in my stomach the night before leaving.

Arriving at my hotel after a long flight, I was able to connect with another mompreneur and enlist her makeup artist expertise. She was both kind and talented; not to mention she made me feel beautiful before the filming! Even while traveling I find myself in the company of Mom Bosses!

On set, I was greeted by the ladies, the co-hosts of the show, and we proceeded to go over all the behind the scenes details before the proverbial curtain opened. Each of the ladies was extremely sweet, and I enjoyed talking to them about all things Breegan. We chatted about my life as an interior designer with both moderate and celebrity-sized budgets, about Mom Life Yo and also about my favorite topic of all: mommyhood! The experience was one I’ll never forget, and I feel so fortunate to have been a guest on The Chat. Thank you, First Coast News!


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