When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, married in 2018, it was the global celebration of the year. The ceremony displayed the best of their combined worlds, both culturally and socially, even though they broke from tradition in more than a few ways. Harry and Meghan’s story has been uniquely theirs. Their personalized narrative is what revs my creative engine as I consider the excitement around their soon-to-arrive baby—and how I would design their royal nursery!

Redefining “dignified” decor

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that one of the best design projects I could ever wish for would be to decorate the royal nursery for the new Duke and Duchess. My ideas about what is fit for a royal baby would be challenging, but in a positive way. This particular couple, in my opinion, has redefined what it means to be “royal.” Their collective persona is one that is graceful but confidently determined. I have such an appreciation for that. On the surface, we see a visually different-looking family for the British empire. Deeper than that, though, Harry and Megan have made it known they will live “the royal life” on their own terms. I think we’ll see that translated with the decor they select for their nursery. I would not be surprised if their design choices depart greatly from more traditional styles of nurseries past.

What I mean is I don’t think they will focus on a “glamour and glitz” nursery at all. That doesn’t seem to be their style. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided against utilizing over-the-top gold colors and tones in their baby’s room. I would think more in terms of a color that symbolizes the confidence that permeates their family and union, one that evokes a sense of harmony and stability. To me, that exists in one perfect color: navy blue.

Navy could work for either a girl or a boy in my design eye. For a boy, it would bring a stately “gentleman” appeal, or a sense of traditionalism that is respectful but not limiting. With a girl, navy would present as serene. Paired with cream or other earth tones, her room would exude a sense of tranquil elegance and dignified sophistication. It is a color that leaves an understated but commanding impression, and that fits this couple (and their offspring) perfectly.

A room with imperial personality

Adding to the color, my designs for the royal nursery would include layering textures and materials throughout the room. Why? Well, the Royals are a multifaceted couple, and I believe their child will be, too! They have their public personas, but something makes me think each of them has a different side the public rarely sees, if ever.

One of these visual layers, for me, would include tufted furniture! Tufted furniture softens the feel of and adds comfort to a space. That will be key for nights of rocking, or for nannies who will spend time there. Tufts practically exclaim, “I’m comfortable! Come sit on me!” Also, it’s always nice to have soft, fuzzy things in a child’s nursery. I would even accent the space with a nice-looking faux fur for the room!

Next, when asked if I would want wallpaper or paint on the walls of the royal nursery, my reply is simple: why not do both?! Maximalism is having a huge comeback right now, and I would definitely take advantage of it. Wallpaper is such a beautiful European staple, but it could present as tacky if not used strategically. That’s why I wouldn’t utilize it on all walls in the nursery. Done tastefully, it could make such a statement and not sacrifice comfort and panache.

Of course, there has to be a chandelier in this nursery! WHY NOT??! Chandeliers exude class, but they also create a focal point of interest in a space. Whether it’s a traditional, modern or casual look, a lovely glow from a chandelier brings a room to life and says, “something in this room is important and special.” I don’t think anyone would argue that as a true statement for the Royals.

Personal and purposeful

These are just a few of the many, MANY ideas I have for Harry and Meghan’s nursery. The overall design, though, would reflect all that the royal couple has presented to the world since they confirmed they were dating. As a couple they have always presented themselves as reserved and poised, but intentional and highly impressionable. This is what I would love to see and feel when I look at every aspect of their baby’s nursery. Like Harry and Meghan’s wedding, I want it to reflect the magnificence of the Royal Family, but with a subtle grandeur that is uniquely warm and personal to them.

Will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex pick a canopy crib or a bassinet for the royal nursery? I honestly don’t know. Will they use a theme for their baby’s room? That certainly would be interesting. Might there be an official portrait of Queen Elizabeth hung in the nursery? I’m sure that’s possible. However they design this room, I know it will not lack one detail that reflects what is important to them. Every minute element will be as genuine as they have been to their adoring public. And I, for one, cannot wait to see the new nursery and the new Royal Family addition who will call it home!

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