If you had to guess, how much time would you say you spend inside? Well, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends about 90% of their time indoors. I’m willing to bet that a significant part of that is actually inside of our own homes. That’s a LOT. The NIH or National Institutes of Health conducted a study and found that our homes play “a key role in human lives, impacting education, employment, recreation, social opportunities, and most of all health.” I have always known that our surroundings can have a profound effect on the way we feel. It’s why I use interior design to help people not only optimize their spaces for better functionality, I help them fall in love with their homes again. The look of our homes has the power to instantly lift our spirits, and I’m always looking for easy ways to do exactly that with design. One of my best tricks for infusing a space with a little grandeur is to design with brass. You’d be surprised at what this golden metallic can do! I’ll tell you what I mean in this blog.

The Beauty of Brass

I have long loved using brass in my interior design projects, because it perfectly complements my “modern approachable luxury” design style. With its warm golden hue and various levels of sheen, brass has a versatility that is unmatched! It works well with home goods constructed of wood, stone, lucite and even other metals! 

Brass in Bathrooms

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but how could anyone not appreciate the look of brass in a bathroom? When my clients sit down for a consultation with me, I often get asked about how to redesign their bathroom because they “hate” it. So, we assess the space, the things they are dissatisfied with, and what they believe will make it better. When I come to them with a rendering of suggestions, I’m always amused at how shocked they are. You see, sometimes it only takes simple changes to completely reimagine a room. Want to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom? Opt for bold and gold! Brass faucets and showerheads instantly elevate the look of a shower. If you want them to really stand out, place them on a darker colored background. 

If spa-like serenity is what you’re after, mixing white with brass will certainly give it to you. I knew I would be working with white stone for the primary (and quite grand, might I add!) bathroom in UNICA. This particular room had a breathtaking view of the Bel Air Canyon, and it was so very spacious. I selected a stunning brass tub filler in a satin gold finish. The brilliant piece stands beside the marble tub I designed, and it looks like art! I also adorned the walls with brass sconces, and there are more golden details throughout. While the bathroom would be a beauty no matter what, the brass and white combo takes the allure to an entirely different level!

Dazzling Kitchens

When most people think of a kitchen, words like lavish, posh and upscale aren’t usually the first to come to mind. Why is that? I think it’s because kitchens are where so much of our day-to-day casual living takes place. We’re making messes, helping with homework, putting elbows up on the tables while we dish about work to friends…that sort of thing. But, I believe that you don’t need a special occasion to make life beautiful. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to live in a home, I want every space inside of it to fill me with joy! I love finding ways to use brass in unique ways in kitchen spaces, and one of my favorites is with range hoods! I wrapped mine in brass to ensure it would be a focal point, and I love the effect it had in that room. 

Another way to bring that radiant hue into the kitchen space is with lighting fixtures! From chandeliers to pendant lights and more, lighting is the crown jewel of design! Why not take advantage of the beautiful glow of your bulbs and place them in a gorgeous fixture that takes your breath away? Many of my designs, from residential to commercial feature brass fixtures, and they never disappoint!

Appliances Matter!

While we’re on the subject of kitchen design, I have another tip for making this space thrill the senses with beautiful brass! So many companies are realizing that we don’t just want our appliances to function well, we want them to complement our design style and preferences, too! When I saw Jennair’s stunning RISE™ collection of ranges featuring mixed metals, I gasped! I eventually decided on the extraordinary Smoke and Brass range for my new dream beach home, and I could not be more excited! If you’re looking to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen, embellish it with brass details! Instantaneous grandeur!

Walls and Decor

I talk all the time about not neglecting the largest surfaces in your home. I think people tend to pay much more attention to things like furniture and smaller items. However, your walls are impossible to miss! So, aside from paint and wallpaper, both favorites of mine, what can we do to make our walls feel stylized and polished? Take advantage of brass mirrors and frames! Of course all bathrooms will typically have a mirror. Why not make it brass?

For an added pop of glitz and glam, try grouping mirrors in brass frames or artwork in brass frames together. The frames don’t need to match, they only need to have that golden color. I find that no matter what the art looks like, displaying it in a lovely brass frame will elevate it. Finally, finding unique brass decor items that sit on your mantel, entryway tables or even more functional items like planters are always great ways to experiment with brass! 

Have fun with design. Our homes are our sanctuaries. They are the places we should be able to go and feel safe, secure and supported. Take pride in your space, and make them feel beautiful. If you want to infuse a bit of luxury, try brass. I can promise you that you won’t regret it. If you want help with how to begin, schedule a consultation with me today right here. I can’t wait to chat with you!


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