Okay, so I’m a mom, and I want my kids to enjoy every aspect of their social development, from the activities they do to the things they watch, even to the things they hear. As a professional DJ, though, I know that some of the music I spin miiiight not fit into what I want flowing through my kids’ ears at this stage of their development. So what’s a head-nodding mom to do while driving in the car with the kids, or while I’m cleaning the house with little ears are around?

Let’s start with what I am NOT going to do. I’m not going to subject myself to “hot dog, hot dog, hot-diggety-dog” songs for hours on end (no offense, Mickey). And I don’t necessarily feel the need to sift the radio’s top 40 through the Kidz Bop filter to secure tasteful listening for my boys. The happy medium for me is collecting new and classic tunes that I know my kids – and hopefully yours – can enjoy and grow to appreciate. If you want to guarantee a good time with your kids, go get these tunes and start a party anytime!



Katrina & The Waves – Walking on Sunshine. This is a get-up-and-go-crazy anthem that will energize any rambunctious toddler. It’s such a feel-good song that accents good times and great days whenever we ride out.

“I’m walking on sunshine…and don’t it feel good!”


Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling. Who doesn’t want to move when they hear this song?! Justin was a great choice for this movie and this song, and my kids love them both. I love throwing this on and getting silly with them. Always a fun time.

“Got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet!”


Jackson 5 – Rockin’ RobinHonestly, you can put on any early MJ and have a good time with the kids. I could have easily thrown ABC or I Want You Back on this list and kept the good vibes them going. This is just a happy, energetic song. Bright chords a hopping rhythms make this a favorite.

“Twiddly diddly dee! Twiddly diddly dee!”


The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The first few notes always signal a united, off-key family howl whenever I play this tune. Along with solidifying memories of Timon and Pumbaa, the “wimoweh” song creates an unspoken falsetto battle of fun every time. Singing this is one addiction that’s great for the heart and spirit.

“A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh…”


Shakira – Try Everything. My kids haven’t seen Zootopia, but it was a really cute movie. Along with a great message of acceptance and appreciating others, Shakira’s song was a highlight for me. It’s an upbeat, inspirational song with lyrics that I wouldn’t mind my boys singing around the house.

“I won’t give up, no, I won’t give in til I reach the end, then I’ll start again. No I won’t leave, I want to try everything, I want to try, even though I could fail. Try everything!”


I’ll be adding more to my kid-friendly playlists, but I’d like to know what the family favorites are in your home. Let me know some of your songs in the comments below.

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