My design clients’ preferences have always run the gamut. With everything from yachts to residential homes to commercial spaces, I have designed for a bevy of tastes. I love the variety because it gives me a chance to seek out new ways to style a space and stretch my creative muscles. Every client wants something different. For some, neutrals bring a cozy comfort, ushering in an understated elegance that can be modified with accents as they desire. Others thrive in more colorful spaces, but wish to do it in a tasteful manner that complements their space nicely. If you fall in the latter group, I’ll share with you ways to infuse color in home decor!

For quite some while all the style guides were encouraging everyone to decorate spaces with white, eggshell and tan. Every home magazine cover featured rooms in that palette, and things all started to look the same. I’ll admit, I do love a beautiful neutral room from time to time, but I find beauty in several styles, and that includes color! Many have grown tired of living in a sea of fifty shades of beige. We’re ready to start using color in home decor. So how do you achieve that while still keeping your space chic?

Focus on the Furniture

If you’re craving color in home decor, think about adding some with gorgeous furniture pieces. Using furniture allows you to control just how much or how little you want of a shade in the space. If you’ve always wanted a deep jewel-toned green, but want just enough to give the space a bit of a pop, consider barrel chairs as accents to your dining room table. They come in every color and style, and you can really elevate the space by selecting tufted ones! These work well because they will offer just a peek of color as they sit anchored by a larger neutral piece, such as a table.

Another option is to use antique-inspired seating such as Victorian or Edwardian chairs in the living space. You can almost always find these with gorgeous colorful cushions. I offer these as a suggestion because if the majority of your furniture is neutral, these regal looking chairs will certainly stand out without overtaking the space. They provide a nice balance that will liven up an otherwise less-vibrant room.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, go for larger pieces in bold colors. A sleek sectional in deep navy or an over-sized chaise in merlot would solidify the palette to work within a room. Pieces like these give an instant focal point when you walk into a space. They play nicely with patterned furniture pieces like ottomans with the same color woven throughout. Consider tall headboards in your bedroom in the color of your choice. You can keep your bedding minimal and let the headboard do all the talking! The options are endless. Whether you desire a little color or bold statements, furniture will always be a safe way to weave beautiful hues into your space.

It’s All In the Details

What if you’ve already purchased the major pieces and your home needs livening? No worries! Often the largest changes are brought about using the smallest tricks! Styles of beds and bed frames are always going in and out, but if you have chosen a more classic bed without a colorful headboard, have fun with bedding and linens! Decide on a color scheme and buy beautiful, lush comforters or quilts to add pizzazz to the room. Duvets are really easy if you already feel attached to the bedspread you have, but need to find something that matches your new theme.

You can create a totally new look in your bedroom or living room with throw pillows that bring various tones into the space. Again, if you’re working with a smaller budget, look for pillow covers that slip right over existing pillows. Color in home decor is a big part of the way a space makes you feel when you enter a room. The little details play a bigger role in setting the mood than most believe. It’s easy to get lost in the larger items when you’re styling a space, but the accents are just as important. Consider things like coffee table books and vases. Even table settings and centerpieces can add visual interest in a room. Don’t forget the details!

Weave Color in Decor With Wall Space

If you’re ready to ditch the beige expanse in your space and add zest, think about the walls! You could totally leave everything in your room exactly as is and add paint to the walls, or even just one wall to give the entire space a makeover! Painting the walls is an awesome way to transform a space’s color without a huge commitment. If you decide you don’t like it later on, you can always paint over it.

Another great way to add color in home decor is to use wallpaper. Gone are the days of only selecting from solid wallpapers. You can use patterns to spice up a space, and you can always decide to use it as an accent by only wallpapering one wall or upper half of a space above crown molding or other architectural features. If paint and wallpaper sound like more color than you want in your space, utilize artwork! Everything from paintings and photos to tapestries can add beautiful tones that draw the eye.

Determining the feeling you want in a particular space will guide the amount of color you decide to add. Whether you’re ready to welcome in striking, vibrant hues or only minor pops here and there, these tips will help you revamp your decor and give it a stylish and sophisticated face-lift! Have fun with color this season!

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