This year has been one of the most difficult for practically everyone. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to be extra thoughtful with gift ideas for my family and friends this holiday. I know when I want to take my gifting game to the next level, there’s no place like Pottery Barn! It’s where I go to find the perfect gifts for the wine lovers in my life.

Vintners Wine Opener

Did you know that King Tut’s tomb held 26 wine jars with red and white wines from at least 15 different wine merchants? Wine is indeed a special beverage, and this Vintners Wine Opener would be an ideal gift for the budding sommelier in your life!

When we buy appliances, we don’t often think of or buy them for their looks. Functionality is the primary reason we get the tools we need. While the Vintners Wine Opener serves the purpose of opening bottles, and it does that job very well, that’s not its only appeal. If you’re Breegan Jane, you believe practical items should also have an allure. That’s why this wine opener caught my eye. It has the look of a vintage professional wine opener, and that adds a significant amount of charm to this appliance. The Vintners Wine Opener is not only useful, but it also serves as a piece of art in a kitchen or entertainment space. You will definitely wow anyone who lays eyes on it!

I know no one is entertaining much right now. And yes, our holiday celebrations will most likely be significantly smaller. But that’s all the more reason to make the holidays brighter and that much more special! This is an excellent time to serve the holiday meal on the “good” china. It is also the perfect moment to pop open the vintage bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion. The wine enthusiast in your life will feel extra distinguished opening that one-of-a-kind bottle with their Vintner Wine Opener. It’s sure to make this holiday extra merry and bright!

Schott Zweisel Clasico Stemless Wine Glasses

When vino flows during the holidays, joyful conversation and comfort abound.  Everyone feels more relaxed and content. During those moments, no one wants to worry about spills from careless or accidental bumps of wine glasses. I highly recommend alleviating that scenario for your favorite wine lover with stemless wine glasses. They’re easy to hold, and they make everyone less prone to unfortunate spills and splatters on tables and furniture. My favorites are the Schott Zweisel Clasico stemless wine glasses, and they’re available at Pottery Barn. They are the perfect weight, and they feel extremely luxe in the hand. These glasses pair perfectly with the Vintner Wine Opener and make great holiday gifts for the special wine connoisseur in your life.

This year has been unlike anything any of us expected or anticipated. If there is a bright spot, maybe we’ll remember this year as the one we loved each other harder and missed each other more than ever before. Show those you love how much you value them, and let Pottery Barn help. It is the perfect place to get gifts this holiday season. Give thoughtfully this year, and tap into something they really love. You’ll be sure to impress when you present gifts that speak to your loved ones’ passions, and who they really are. The Vintners Wine Opener and Schott Zweisel stemless wine glasses are guaranteed to do just that. If you’re not at the top of Santa’s “Nice List”, you’ll be sure to be at the top of theirs!


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