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It’s pretty obvious when you see us, but my boys and I are the quintessential Southern Californian family. We live our lives outside as much as possible. My boys are extremely active, and I’ve made sure that, even in a pandemic, they socially distance themselves with masks while staying active. We have all enjoyed moments of riding our bikes as a family and taking in as much sun as possible. My kids have even recently followed in their mom’s footsteps and taken up surfing, which, to me, is another California staple.

These two boys are typically energetic and upbeat tikes. So when they don’t feel well, it’s very evident – and noticeable by a mom who knows how lively they are every day. Their energy is like night and day when a cold or cough takes them down. They don’t want to go outside, and they prefer being around the house near me. While I love that they want to cling to mommy, I hate seeing them ill. Thankfully, I now have a full lineup of options that help my littles regain their boundless energy.

Naturally-Effective Ingredients To The Rescue!

When it comes to my boys’ health and wellness, I’m a mom who prefers to provide drug-free remedies for them. I’m more inclined to choose products that don’t use artificial flavors or ingredients. As such, I quickly became a fan of the new Vicks Children’s Botanicals Multi-Care line of products. My parents used Vicks products for my siblings and me growing up. It’s been a trusted brand in our family for years, and that makes me feel good about giving their new Children’s Botanicals Multi-Care products to my children.

Vicks Children’s Botanicals Multi-Care is a drug-free solution that helps soothe my boys’ coughs and nasal irritation, and it helps clear mucus using naturally effective ingredients like marshmallow root, elderberry and ivy leaf. *† If they have trouble sleeping when they’re under the weather, I use the Vicks Children’s Botanicals Multi-Care Night remedy that combines the ingredients from the daytime multi-care product plus chamomile, a non-habit-forming ingredient. Plus, this line is free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial dye, and that means everything to a mom looking to treat her children with only the best ingredients. 

Around-the-Clock Care Availability

I never know when one or both of my boys will start feeling under the weather. That can be frustrating when I want to immediately help rid them of any cough or nasal congestion they deal with. The new Vicks Children’s Botanicals Multi-Care line covers my boys day and night, and that’s so comforting to me. What’s more, all of the Botanicals options are available in-store and online at CVS Pharmacy. If I need to run to my local CVS or make an order through my CVS Extracare app, I know I’ll be able to get trusted products to support my boys. 

If you have children ages 1 or older, I encourage you to look for and try the new Vicks Children’s Botanicals Multi-Care products at your local CVS Pharmacy. It’s a great option for times when your kids deal with coughs, colds or sniffles. Be sure to check with your pediatrician, keep out of reach of children and always use products as directed!


†Associated with hoarseness, dry throat, & irritants. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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