I love it when I can connect with other creatives and spark conversations around design. That happened recently during my trip to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) a few weeks ago. Jane Dagmi, editor-in-chief of Designers Today, invited me to speak on a panel there. The experience reminded me of so many reasons why bold design exemplifies all that I do with my brand. I wanted to expound on that idea to provide insight into interior choices I make with and for my clients.

Venice vibes

As a Southern California girl, I have to admit that many of my bold design ideas stem from my surroundings. Los Angeles is vibrant with culture and color. More specifically, Venice Beach, with its colorful characters and diverse cultural influences, is and has always been an influence. I’m inspired by everything I see, and everything I’ve known since I was a child. There’s a freedom, an openness, throughout the city that speaks to me as a designer.

The diversity in Venice complements that freedom. The city is always bustling with newness and variety. To say that everyone is “different” here is a huge understatement. That translates throughout the city’s visual landscape. Avant-garde architecture and artistically curated coastal homes make the city a canvas on which any and all colors work well together. I take all of that and mesh it into various elements of home and interior design. The result? Creative concepts that are as daring as they are innovative.

Color-conscious clients

I also push the boundaries of bold design with colors. Most design projects start there for me. When I work with clients, I explain that every color has a subconscious appeal that stimulates brain activity and impacts emotions. That makes choosing home interior colors an important task. Shades of blue, for example, present social connotations and feelings that range from tranquil and peaceful to secure and independent. And depending on its tint or hue, yellow can exude warm, energetic feelings or sentiments of caution and insecurity.

Individual client personalities can change this altogether. Where one may see blue as calming, another may see it as lonely. That’s why it’s important for me to get to know my clients and truly discover who they are. In exploring what matters to them most and what they care about, I develop trust with them. Making bold choices then becomes a completely new adventure with each project!

The evolution of making bold statements in home projects is now the norm for my company. In the past, I spent a great deal of time trying to convince clients to make bold choices. It took a lot to suggest painting a wall or choosing colorful pillow accents. I’m now seeing more clients gravitate towards bold wallpapers that have a great deal of personality, and that’s awesome! I’ve even been able to use colored tiles in one of my ongoing projects. I love that clients are leaning into bolder color choices. I also love that they now see my brand as a trusted tastemaker and source of vibrant inspiration in home design.

Remarkable results

The trends that I see with respect to bold design choices span the gamut in interior design. People are not afraid to incorporate dark surfaces in their kitchens, which is a stark transition from traditionally lighter color schemes in that space. I am also seeing more fearless choices in multicolored faucet options, painted cabinetry and so much more. The spaces make very distinct presentations, but they also look and feel AMAZING when you walk into them. Even a different take on more traditional colors, such as black and white tuxedo kitchens, makes a bold statement within the contrast. I love the impact it can make in a home.

I love seeing more clients use bold-colored appliances in their homes. It’s such a bold statement because, again, it is unique and not overdone by the masses. I even got a chance to include some colored appliances in an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! The families did not expect them, and they absolutely adored the end result. It was love at first sight, and I smile knowing they will enjoy it for years to come.

Being a fearless designer is who I am, in the office and beyond. Making bold design choices is what I do. It is a product of my environment, my mindset, and my vision for my clients. I hone that passion with each project I work on, and I believe that will only strengthen my creativity and drive to be daring in design.

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