What do mummies like to listen to on Halloween? Give up? Wrap music! I know…it’s a little cheesy, but silly fun is what this season is all about! October 31 is right around the corner, and I have the perfect kids Halloween party ideas to make your holiday spooky, fun and festive!

Costumes: Keep ‘Em Simple

Parents, for a kids Halloween party, don’t go crazy with your own costumes. Why put yourself through that? Never underestimate the power of a paper crown, mask or creative DIY little tail when it comes to a child’s imagination. They are simple adornments for parents, but they’re also fun and playful. Yet, they don’t take much time or energy.

Gone are the days of elaborate outfits that steal the show but have extravagant price tags or require too much effort. Try something as simple as a cat! Grab some pipe cleaners or wire and garland, bend them a bit — you’re an angel or fairy! There are very easy ways to allow your kids to think you’re dressed up without adding a layer of discomfort for yourself. Because you have to be able to move quickly with your kids, especially among a crowd of kids, you want something easy.

That being said, I do encourage all parents to wear some sort of costume, even if it’s just painting a heart on your cheek. Better yet, grab your red lipstick, put two circles on your cheek, and you’re a baby doll! A kids Halloween party is the perfect time for kids to really see creativity in action. The bonus is you don’t have to go above and beyond to show it!

Food for Thought

We all know that candy is the star of the show this time of year, and your kids Halloween party will be no different. Considering the fact that kids are going to eat a load of candy when they go out, your party is not the time to incorporate extra sweets. Most parties include cupcakes, sugary drinks…that kind of thing. Skip that for the party. The kids are going to be collecting enough sweets around the neighborhood to last them months. Let their “bounty bags” from the neighborhood collection be the primary sugar source.

For a kids Halloween party, I like to make sure I have something as simple as a soup, salad, or pizza available for guests. I know pizza is probably not the healthiest dish you could serve kids. But most kids love pizza. It’s cheap, it’s filling, and it’s super easy to clean up.

I think one thing to consider, parents, is that some kids may have food allergies. I always ask parents about their kids’ allergies beforehand. Before you give a kid ANYTHING, you should, too. Let parents know the ingredients of the foods you’re serving. If your menu includes ingredients that won’t accommodate some kids, do what I do: open up your refrigerator or pantry, and let the parents choose something that may be good for their child.

All the activities!

Make sure there are activities at your kids Halloween party appropriate for all ages. Consider the smaller kids who prefer creative activities versus more active play. Crayons, pencils, stickers, and art activities allow kids to interact based on their own creativity. I would avoid pulling out the Legos, though. They can be problematic when there are younger children around.

Have activities for older kids, too. But you know what? I have a “trick” of my own for some of the older, more responsible kids. I empower them to help out with younger kids! I keep a few five-dollar bills around for special “party helpers” who pass popsicles out or hand out treat bags. Having responsible kids do some of the legwork helps alleviate planning so many activities, which would ultimately result in after-party chores for YOU! This is a huge win-win. It makes them feel a little more grown-up, and they get a different kind of “treat” at the end of the night. At the same time, you get more helping hands!

Speaking of activities, make sure you have an escape room (no, not that kind!) for parents who may need a break from the festivities. Parents may need a place away from the action to settle an upset or sleepy child. I use my boys’ room as a “time out” space or break room for parents who may need it. I’ve found that parents really appreciate that.

Kids Halloween parties can be loads of fun, but only if you do the work of thinking about everything well in advance. Think about these tips as you prepare to dress your tikes up for trick-or-treating. Let me know your favorite Halloween costumes and party games in the comments. This time of year, sharing is scaring!

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