Kids in and of themselves can be the best source of hilarity in a parent’s life. They say some of the funniest (and most honest) things, their clumsiness can be adorably laughable, and their efforts to be little adults as they grow and learn provide moments that leave us chuckling for years. I try to cherish those moments whenever they happen.

So here’s a little confession: I don’t always wait for those precious moments in my kids’ lives to occur; I orchestrate some of them myself. How? By dressing my kids up in costumes.

All the time.

I go out of my way to find or create costumes that are extremely unique and showcase my boys as the demonstrative duo that they are. The best outfits are ones that center around a theme with the two of them together. I do Halloween up in a major way, and I make sure they’re donned in photo- and video-worthy garb every time. Make no mistake: nothing is off limits when it comes to creative kid costumes. Themes in my home can range from hip hop to culinary cuisines and classic television about which they have no clue.

Holidays are great times to dress my boys up, but I feel it is my duty as a parent to go above and beyond the typical and expected. No, I don’t think a cute costume has to be merited by an occasion to warrant purchasing. If it will make my kids look cute(r), make them happy and make mama smile, oh it’s purchased. It isn’t unusual to see my boys in a dinosaur costume on any given Tuesday or hamming it up as little kid DJs with headphones, records and toy turntables in their hands as props. I think it gives them a dedicated time to use their imaginations and don playful alter egos, if only for a little while.

With all of the craziness going on outside of my home and family, simple moments of throwing on a costume and being silly mean the world to me. It’s innocence and joy wrapped up in its purest form. The chemical reaction of happiness and smiles won’t always be this easy or attainable in other times of their lives, and it certainly may not be as accessible to me as their guardian. So any moment I can dress them up as a turtle and dolphin duo on the seashores of their childhood and take a snapshot for fond family memories, best believe I’m doing it. The resulting hugs, laughter and eye twinkles truly are medicine for my soul.

It’s the stuff “I remember when…” stories are made of.


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