I’m getting ready to move into my dream home! I’m so excited about that. Moving has been a bittersweet pill because I absolutely love the home I’m leaving. Don’t get me wrong: my new home is going to be astonishing!  As I go through this process of transition, I’m always mindful of all the things I need to focus on from the paradigm of the home buyers. I look to tap into their needs and preferences. But what are those? Here are a few general ideas of what homebuyers are looking for, and how you can achieve them in your home!

Bright Lights, Big Windows

No one wants to buy a home that doesn’t accent the best lighting from the outside! When it comes to what homebuyers are looking for, look no further than windows! Windows are a hot commodity in the home market, particularly because they directly impact energy efficiency. Not only that, but they usher in direct sunlight, and that also has a direct impact on mood, emotions, etc. More light just feels right! Now, you may be one of the lucky homeowners with ceiling-to-floor windows. Most of us don’t, but that’s okay!

Here’s a design trick that is sure to give you that “big window” look: hang your curtains from the floor to the ceiling! Make sure they’re high and wide in the room. Hanging your curtains high and wide will trick the eye and make the room feel taller than it actually may be. And, this simple technique has the added benefit of making the windows feel larger. This happens because our eyes naturally move in the direction of what’s in front of us—in this case, they’ll move up. So if your eye sees a tall, wide curtain, it assumes what’s behind it is the same size (because that’s what we typically do with curtains). This will give your room the semblance of what home buyers are looking for in a home.

But you can even take that suggestion up a notch. If you’re trying to make the windows the star, refrain from hanging dark, heavy drapes at the windows. Go for white, flowy, curtains that reach the floor. You don’t have to spend a fortune on them; just make sure they look nice and are made of decent-quality material. You’ll have clients salivating at the rooms in your home!

Space Is The Place

When it comes to what homebuyers are looking for, another thing they look for is if their new home will have enough space. With the cost of homes today, everyone spending money wants the most bang for their buck. And that makes sense. So, even with a home of modest square footage, maximizing the look of the space in each room isn’t difficult. You can’t add square footage (cheaply), so how would you do it? A simple way is to reconsider the scale and ratio of decor and furniture you use.

What do I mean? When you lived in the house you’re selling, you may have loved a cozy but oversized sectional in a particular room. There’s nothing wrong with that at all! However, now that you are looking to maximize square footage, I would recommend opting for a more streamlined, smaller sofa. This would alleviate the issue of furniture overwhelming and taking up visually necessary space.

Another way to give buyers more of what they want in a home is to get rid of clutter. If you’ve followed along on my IG reels recently, you’ll know I’m all about designing for the life you live. While living in my home, I never went to great lengths to hide items that my family uses regularly, like exercise equipment or things we have on countertops. But, now that I’m selling my home, I again think about what homebuyers are looking for when it comes to space. Any extra items that can be perceived as clutter also have a tendency to dwarf the space. The more you can remove, which includes the yoga mats behind the couch and extra kitchen appliances on the countertop, the more space you can present!

Curb Appeal

As an interior designer, I focus on creating living spaces inside the home. But you want to know what homebuyers are looking for before they walk into their new home? Exterior personality. Curb appeal is extremely vital to many would-be buyers. And that makes sense, too! The first impression of any home is its landscaping and exterior appearance, so you should make it count! If your yard space is amazing, pick out the best features and accent those elements.

This is what I did with my home. I love making an impression with my design, so I had a portion of my exterior home demolished to add something dynamic. I incorporated this wooden Moroccan gate and had it custom painted to one of my favorite colors. I loved how it turned out. Others do, too, based on its popularity on Instagram. My new audience, however, is the host of potential buyers, and I want to ensure that I’m making the right impression on them…so much so that they make me an offer!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what homebuyers are looking for. Neither is it etched in stone. What I do know from my years of experience is that people looking for homes now want to ensure they’re purchasing a home that was cared for, that is well-built, and that meets their needs in every way. If you want some help with solidifying your home as a catch for people in the market for a new home (hopefully yours!), let’s chat! I’d love to talk more specifically about how I can help make your home a buyer’s magnet!

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