In this episode of my HGTV show, The House My Wedding Bought, Los Angeles sets the scene! I’m so glad I got to film in my hometown because I met the super cute couple, Katy and Tyler! They both embody the life, vibrance and freedom of LA. They also represent the variety the city can offer, too! Their styles were so different, but hey—opposites attract! I’m glad I got to be a part of their house and wedding journeys.


Weddings Wishes, HGTV Style

What I like about Katy and Tyler is they don’t let their differences overtake how united they are. But boy, did they have some contrasting views! Don’t get me wrong; they agreed on their $75K budget, but that’s about all. How did they want to spend their budget? Well, this is where things got interesting.

As most brides do, Katy wanted to have a lavish wedding day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! I knew exactly what I wanted for my wedding day, also, and I loved every minute of it! Katy wanted a very traditional affair, but she definitely saw her special day as an all-out party. And, she preferred to spend the majority of the savings on that event. Tyler, however, seemed to be more investment-focused and wanted to utilize most of their savings on the home they would be purchasing. That said, he wanted a more intimate wedding event with fewer people and a smaller venue. He wasn’t opposed to a nice backyard wedding. Katy was open to the idea, but I knew I had a lot of convincing to do to pull that off in the grand style she wanted. I had my work cut out for me!

Behind the scenes shot of Katy, Tyler, and Breegan Jane touring a potential new home. As seen on HGTV’s The House My Wedding Bought.


Picking the Perfect First Home

One of the great things about being on HGTV is having expertise in finding different types of homes for clients. Once I figured out what Katy and Tyler both wanted in a home, I was able to hone in on different options that would possibly satisfy both of them. With such vast wishes for the perfect home, I knew I needed to make sure the options presented as much of an all-in-one package as I could find. I’m so glad I do this full-time!

The first thing I realized was location was extremely important to Tyler. He wanted something close to downtown LA where he worked. I get that. It’s a common consideration for many new homebuyers, and for good reason. We spend so many of our hours each week at our workplaces. It makes sense to want to eliminate a long commute. Trust me: I understand the headache that can come with LA traffic! I kept that at the forefront as I helped them look for homes.

On the other hand, Katy wanted a traditional home with a large backyard. I completely understand that, too. They have dogs, and it’s important to have space for them to run around and exert energy regularly. The challenge is, in Los Angeles, you simply don’t get much yard space the closer you get to downtown. There really wasn’t a middle ground between the couple’s preferences—and this was just one consideration where they differed!

Episode Takeaways

There were several takeaways that I hope HGTV watchers think about as they finish this episode. First, when it comes to buying a home, take your time! This is an extremely important decision, and you don’t want to make a mistake. If your first home is your forever home, you want to make the most of your money and investment. Katy and Tyler had to make a decision quickly because their lease was going to be up the week before their wedding. Not investing the right amount of time gives way to being impulsive. This could lead to several negative circumstances, including possibly losing down payments or deposits (as this couple did).

Also, couples should have several serious conversations about individual needs versus wants for the home they want to purchase. When two people want different things, the biggest challenge is compromising in a way that makes both people happy. With this couple, one wanted a modern home close to downtown LA, while the other wanted a craftsman-style home with lots of yard space. Would they each be willing to compromise location or house style if it gave them the home they wanted? Or, would a home that needed renovations be worth the sacrifice if they could save money? Sincerely discuss the non-negotiables and things that could be compromised before making final decisions on what homes you consider.

Finally, when you’re looking at home amenities, don’t let your eyes limit your possibilities. Many homes are clean slates waiting for color and texture to give them personality. Don’t let a neutral presentation turn you off when you look at homes. You can make a home whatever you want it to be! You shouldn’t pass on a home with great bones just because you don’t like the tile, colors, cabinet doors or drawer pulls. Those are easy changes you can make without spending a great deal of money. Know that you can always create the impact you want to see in your home.

Another Classic HGTV Episode!

I had a blast with Katy and Tyler, and I’m so excited about the final choices they made for their wedding and home. They met in the middle when it came to the options that were important to each other. I honestly think their marriage and future together will be better for it. What was your favorite part of this episode? I’d love to know in the comments below!


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