I recently had lunch with a professional acquaintance who, during the conversation, asked me some pretty interesting questions about myself. I thought I was simply answering questions, but I found out my lunch companion was receiving a serious “Breegan education”. It dawned on me that there may be some friends and readers who also may be curious about some parts of the real Breegan. The questions and answers below are a result of that lunch conversation. Check it out, and get to know Breegan a little better!


If you could peer into the future and see your sons, what’s the one lesson you hope they would have learned from you and embraced as their own?

I really hope that they are ambitious. I have no idea what their ambitions will be, but I hope that they advocate for themselves, test their own limits and go after something in life. I know that I’m that way; I am not afraid to take on too much and fail at it, but it’s something I have to keep reminding myself to do. Nothing comes without trying, and I hope they embrace that in their life’s endeavors.

Do you see any of your mother’s attributes or mothering styles in your own parenting?

Yes, and I get so mad when I see her! 😉 I find myself doing the things she did or saying the things she said to me. So yeah, she’s there everyday! My mom is very artistic, and I always revert back to things that she said or did that I really appreciate. I also see that many of the things that I care about are things that my mom valued and instilled in me as a kid. I may not have valued those things as a kid, but I definitely have a high regard for them as a mother.

Is there anything about how you’ve handled motherhood that has surprised you?

When I first came home with Kingsley, I did a lot of research about parenting topics and styles. I always felt that I knew that I would be a good mom, but I didn’t know that I would handle all of the “unknowns” as instinctively as I did. During the first three days that Kingsley was home, he would wail for no reason at all. I took him and applied the recipe of things that I had studied about getting babies to settle. That, along with a little “mommy whispering” in his ear, and he was calm instantly. I shocked my own mother, but I honestly shocked myself a little! I realized I was actually really good at being a mom!

Kids are typically finicky eaters; when your boys don’t want to eat what you cook, what’s the failsafe food or dish that always works in your home?

My boys love berries: raspberries, blueberries…they’ll eat them all day. But here’s the honest reason why my boys love eating fresh fruits and vegetables: I don’t cook. I can’t boil water. So fresh avocado, mango and other organic produce are a natural part of their diet. There’s a big part of that reality that I appreciate; they adapted to healthier eating very early in life. Kingsley loves hummus, and he’ll eat kale chips before he will touch a french fry. Of course they’re picky, but they’re not picky about typical kid foods.

Okay, so I don’t cook, but I’d love to know the dinnertime crowd favorites in your home. What do your kids crave? Let me know in the comments below!

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