Busy on-the-go moms are almost always in search of time saving tips. Moms rank pretty highly on the list of the “most selfless”; that should come as no surprise, seeing as how they devote so much of themselves to their children, families and those around them.

When you spend the bulk of your day looking after little ones, it can be difficult to devote dedicated time to yourself. Moms with newborns are sometimes lucky to even get a shower regularly! Imagine trying to put together whole outfits and be trendy while sleep deprived and chasing little feet around the house. Impossible!

Why caftans?

With two young children and a career that pulls me in multiple directions several days of the week, I’ve learned the best ways to make the most of every minute and beat the clock! Fashion has always been a love of mine, and I’ve perfected my own style that doesn’t always follow the trends. I didn’t want to have to sacrifice looking amazing for being an amazing mom. Caftans (or kaftans) were the answer to my conundrum!


Caftans are flowy garments, usually somewhere around ankle-length, with long sleeves though styles may vary). They come in all colors and different fabrics. Caftans are ingenious because they’re a one-piece outfit: no hassle about finding perfect pants, camis, blazers, etc. You just throw it on over your head, and you’re done! I can be in the middle of a hectic day, throw on a caftan and some oversized sunglasses, and look like a million bucks. They’re lifesavers for sure

Need versatility? Caftans deliver. They can also be quite dressy. Some of my favorites are adorned with beautiful jewel tones and gorgeous embellishments. I’ve worn them out and about to meet with clients, and I’ve even worn some of my more ornate and formal caftans to red carpet events.

If you find yourself struggling to keep that work-life balance without giving up a bit of yourself, stop fretting about what to wear each day. Caftans are short on time and long on style. That’s the kind of outfit I can get behind!

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