There are many reasons why I chose interior design as my profession. Perhaps one of the biggest is that I enjoy helping others realize and create their ultimate home realities. I also love showing the many ways to be imaginative with home and interior design. I’m so excited that I recently joined a network of home and design aficionados that helps me do that specifically for the home enthusiast community. The Foiye platform has quickly become a favorite digital home design platform. I just know it will be your favorite, too!

The Before-and-After Social Media Myth

(Trigger warning: mention of body dysmorphia)

Have you ever heard of body dysmorphia? It’s a mental health condition in which a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance. People may see themselves as bigger or smaller, or differently shaped than they actually are when viewed through everyone else’s eyes. However, these worrying flaws are often unnoticeable to others outside of that person. I recently had a friend tell me she feels like she has “house dysmorphia.” I pressed her about what she meant by that. She remarked that she had seen so many images of other people’s homes, closets, and living spaces, that all looked impossibly perfect and put together. And, she felt as if her home could never live up to those standards and images.

“House dysmorphia” isn’t a real thing. And, it is in no way the interior design equivalent of body dysmorphia. But I do understand what my friend means. Social media causes so many of us to obsess over before-and-after posts. You know the ones: you get a glimpse of a disheveled space that instantly changes to a perfectly organized area with a finger snap or trendy transition. These clips are always fun to watch. A big part of the fun is that (a) you don’t actually have to participate in the work of it, and (b) it’s an instant transformation. As someone who’s been on television (HGTV, Food Network, Warner Bros. Discovery), I can tell you real life doesn’t happen that way. in order to take a home or space from frumpy to fabulous, it takes entire teams of people working insane hours to make it come together.

The Breegan Jane Difference

While it’s satisfying to see before-and-afters, primarily the after shots, viewers rarely consider that many of those photos are professionally shot. That can play a huge part in the vast visual difference from Step A to Step Z. Doing these home redesigns isn’t as instant or easy as social media makes it look. Yet, they can paint an unreasonable, irrational idea in people’s minds that their home spaces are supposed to look like this. These “instant” makeovers can also give people the idea that their homes fall short and aren’t good enough. The fact is, NO ONE’S home looks like that, not even mine!

That said, one of the things I have always been proud of is being a designer who doesn’t mind showing you everything under the hood of interior design projects. I love giving tips and showing people how things really work, which materials are best to use, and how to save money when it comes to home decor. These are things many other designers want to keep close to the vest. Why? Doing so might prove to be more profitable for them when the average person doesn’t know them.

Whether you’d like my help with your home or feel as if you have the skills to go it alone with a few insightful tidbits, I’m so happy to share those! I use my voice to help people make their spaces beautiful, and to show them how to create interiors that work best for their lifestyles. Living life honestly is a very big part of what I believe to be my modern, approachable aesthetic. I want to help YOU achieve the exact look, functionality, mood and vibe you want in your space. And, I’m so happy I found the perfect place to do just that.

Curious? Read on!

Enter Foiye!

Have you heard about Foiye? If not, you’ll want to get familiar really quickly. It’s the first social entertainment platform COMPLETELY dedicated to home, design and real estate—all under one roof—and it just launched publicly. Foiye is built and updated for and by people who are passionate about all things “home.” You’ll find streaming content, design inspiration, and so much more from design professionals and celebrity creators from around the world. We want nothing more than to create a strong community of people who understand what it means to personalize home and make it an ultimate place of reprieve.

The Foiye platform consists of two primary experiences: the Folio and Stream. Folio pages serve similarly to posts on other social media platforms. They highlight the best images of work from design professionals and real estate experts. Each photo is accompanied by details of the project, allowing viewers to access relevant information about the products highlighted. Stream pages do just that: feature videos of home listings, walk-throughs and design specifics. My Foiye Stream page gives potential clients some great ideas of home and interior design projects I’ve done. It also showcases some of my favorite decor tips I know all home admirers will appreciate. I hope to inspire all participants in the design community to dream beyond what they think is possible.

Why Foiye Is a Favorite

There are so many networks available now that people can use as resources for home design. What makes Foiye different from the rest? Well, it’s a dedicated online gathering place to find all things specifically in the home industry. Oftentimes great home content on major social media platforms gets buried in the latest random trends and viral content. I enjoy that content, too. Sometimes, though, I only want to check out what my peers and potential clients are seeking. Foiye does an amazing job of curating content creators directly working in the home and interior design profession. As a content creator myself, I love the possibilities of one-on-one engagement that abound with Foiye.

I also really like the opportunities I get to be discovered on a networking platform dedicated to my particular field. Being on Foiye means I have a dedicated audience seeking what I have to offer as an interior designer. It’s practically a virtual market I get access to year-round! Increased exposure is never a bad thing for a business or brand, and neither is being able to engage with people who sincerely want to converse and collaborate. Foiye allows me to get all of this and so much more!

If you’re a dedicated home or interior design aficionado, you should give Foiye a try. Be sure to check out my Folio and Stream pages for some great design ideas, and follow other industry influencers at the site. Foiye is just starting, but creators are adding more content daily. I encourage you to check it out and sign up for your free Folio to follow your favorite creators. We’re all here to make you dream bigger when it comes to your home—and then make those dreams a reality!

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