Most of us have diverse friendships and social circles, with people hailing from all walks of life. When it comes to utilizing your resources, you probably know someone who specializes in what you need; and if your friends can’t help, they probably know someone who can! In my friend circles, people oftentimes come to me for design help, and I’m more than happy to offer any bit of assistance I can.

One of the questions I get asked every now and then has to do with the idea of an accent wall, and whether or not it’s something to consider trying when designing the interior of a home. Accent walls have been around for awhile, but they became increasingly trendy within the last five years or so. So popular was the simple design feature that you could even walk into your favorite store or the lobby of a swanky restaurant and see it employed. So what is it about this particular artful element that has so many homeowners completely smitten?

I think it’s the fact that such a simple technique allows an individual to change the entire atmosphere of a room with little effort. When you talk about interior design, people begin to envision bold sofas, funky light fixtures and architectural features. We tend to forget about the striking statements wallpaper and beautifully painted walls can also make on the eye! When you want to jazz up a space and have no plans of buying or rearranging furniture, an accent wall might be worth attempting.

I love a tasteful accent wall. As a designer, it’s where I really get to have fun and be creative in a budget-friendly way. I refer to them as the “trendy outfit of design.” What do I mean by that? Well, if green is the “it color” of the year and you want to incorporate it into your wall? Go for it! Obsessed with robin’s egg blue? Great! Let’s go find the perfect paint for your walls. For some, this may sound risky, but the truth is a smart designer or decorator knows that you go into creating accent walls knowing that it might have a lifespan of only three years or so. The good part about it is that it’s easy to ditch the old and bring in the new if you tire of the wall quickly. Gotta love that.

One of my favorite ways to do an accent wall is to use wallpaper. I don’t mind splurging on a great paper that will suit my space, and I find that it can be a wonderful way of bringing texture and visual interest to a room. So, wallpaper vs paint…which is the way to go? I think if you’re trying to decide between, say, a chic wallpaper or a maroon wall in a beige room, I’m definitely choosing the paper. I like to select a super cool, cutting-edge wallpaper that stands out and catches the eye. If you have a unique idea that can be affected well with paint, go for it. I’ve done an ombre wall with paint, and it turned out amazing! Will it stand the test of time? I don’t know, but I do know that it will be incredibly easy to undo in even just six months if the mood strikes me. That’s the beauty of it.

Don’t let the idea of accent walls overwhelm you. Start by taking into account a few tips:

• Be bold! Remember: you can make changes without being married to the design or so financially invested. Walk into the project knowing the look could be short-lived.

• Think about the use of the space. A maroon wall in an otherwise beige room might not be as becoming as a trendy wallpaper. Always make an intentional statement with your choice.

• Consider color carefully. Pepto pink might conjure up unpleasant imagery each time you access the room. Colors evoke different emotions. Google it if you’re unsure.

• Go big or go home! Accessories are a key part of a trendy outfit, right? Such is the case for your accent wall. Framed art or decorations? Add ‘em! They liven up the space and make it your own.

Accent walls can be tricky to figure out if you don’t know where to start. Once you figure out the look and feel you’re hoping to achieve, the rest is only limited by your desire and creativity! Have fun designing, friends!

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