I’ve had conversations with some friends about the lack of good music that (a) I appreciate as a DJ, and (b) can listen to around my boys. So when I find an artist or song that meets both of those criteria, I typically open up the speakers and keep the sound system on blast with it. Such has been the case with Sigala, a producer, DJ and remixer from the UK.

Sigala’s music is full of bright chords, uptempo vibes and lyrics that epitomize happiness and love. “Easy Love” always hits the spot, with its incorporation of The Jacksons’ hit “ABC” (and you know how much I love MJ), and other tracks like “Sweet Lovin’” and “Give Me Your Love” follow suit with similar dance feels. His songs are great for morning wake up time, cleaning, playing with the kids or simply riding bikes on the beach. If you’re not familiar, I encourage you to check him out and add his music to your daily playlists.

Sigala’s music gets my family going throughout the day, but I’m curious about artists and songs that spark motivation and happiness for you and your family. Let me know in the comments below; I’m always open to hearing new artists and adding positive music to my playlists!

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