Buck Mason featured “our friend, Charlie Curtis, is terrifying. He once killed and ate a rattlesnake while camping. He also owns The Rec Center cross-fit gym with his wife Erika in the Arts District, a minute shy of Downtown Los Angeles. When he’s not flipping tractor tires like Pogs, hauling ass on his Harley or dominating Cross-Fit competitions, Charlie’s with his son, Ace, who’s now a year and three months old. Charlie moved around the country a bunch before settling in the Arts district. “The goal was to build a close knit community in a part of the city that wasn’t so fitness saturated.” That was three and a half years ago before the neighborhood exploded in popularity. Charlie, Erica and Ace have done exceptionally well here. Baby Ace spends most of his time at the gym with his mom and dad, and clients bring their kids along too. “The best way to balance having a family and a business is to bring them together.” He appreciates the looseness of being his own boss. Besides lugging all the gear around, he says cross-fit prepared him for fatherhood because there’s no set routine, “You have to be ready for anything.”

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