It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the last several years have brought with them quite a few challenges and struggles for people around the globe. So many lost loved ones due to the pandemic, lost jobs, saw prices of everything skyrocket, and the list goes on. It’s just been a difficult time for our world. I receive messages all the time from people sharing stories of how their mental health has been negatively affected by all the issues surrounding them, and my heart goes out to every single one. I’ve long said how much interior design allows me to tap into the many parts of myself and what I love to do. One of those things is helping others build a better life for themselves or improve the way they function in their everyday lives. The way you design and adorn your space can contribute to the way you feel in major ways. Today I’m going to talk to you about romanticizing your life with interior design, because you’re totally worth it!

Revolutionize Your Routine

If you spend any amount of time on social media, you have most likely at some point scrolled past a woman talking about how she has decided to “romanticize” something in her life. It’s usually something unremarkable like a walk, or coffee in the morning. The concept stems from the idea that ordinary things can take on a completely new and idealistic meaning if we are only willing to see them in a new and improved light. Now, this might sound ridiculous for the more practical among us. But, I urge you to wait before jumping to judgment. After all, isn’t a significant part of interior design taking a space and making it better looking and better functioning? Why not use design to enhance your life in fresh ways?

Breegan Jane’s bathroom BEFORE

When I redesigned my former house, one of the first things the contractors said when they spotted the skylights was, “These are outdated. We should get rid of them.” I immediately let them know I had big plans for those beauties! I wanted to create a moment in my spa-like bathroom and place a tub under the skylight so I could unwind under the stars. I am doing the same thing with my dream beach home. I have a stunning gold Thompson Traders tub that will sit among beautiful white and gold stone, perfectly positioned under a skylight. After a long day I can sip wine, light a few candles and bathe with the glow of the moon and stars. I can’t think of a better way to end the week. 

Breegan Jane’s bathroom AFTER

Mundane to Magnificent

Use interior design to your advantage. If you’re a morning person, consider spending extra time selecting a nice bistro set you can place by a window to enjoy your breakfast while watching the sunrise. Do you enjoy working out? Redesign your gym to look like a commercial one. Get inspirational images and quotes printed professionally to hang on the walls, or invest in a small sound system to blast motivational music. Love juicing? Create a nook in your kitchen with beautiful appliances and sleek glass bottles. Make your life grand in small ways and watch your mood improve. Interior design choices can make you start to look forward to ordinary moments!

Interior Design for the Life You Want

I’m having so much fun showing you the step-by-step process of building my family’s forever home. It’s always fun to read the reactions people have to some of my more unique design features. For instance, I am opting to hang actual mirror ball lighting fixtures in my kitchen instead of your more standard pendant lighting or chandelier. Why, you ask? Because my family adores music and dancing. We don’t go a week without a dance party in my home. I have big plans to host major gatherings where we dance on the kitchen island with the sparkle from the disco balls bouncing around us! Dancing and music lifts our mood, helps rid the body of anxious energy and it’s just fun! I want my space to reflect the kind of life we live, and interior design is an excellent vehicle for that.


Feeling stuck in an area of your life? How can you inspire change with your environment? Perhaps you have always wanted to start your own business. Is there a room you can transform into an office space? No need for major renovation projects, simply take advantage of multi-use furniture like murphy beds and put a desk in your guest room! Paint your walls in your favorite color or put statement wallpaper up that energizes you each day, and start that entrepreneurship journey!

Ditching the Standard

There will always be voices telling you what you should do with your space. Everyone from experts, to family members to complete strangers will dish out advice. Although likely well-intentioned, only you know what would best suit you and your life. Interior design should make things more efficient. It should make your space feel like it rises up to greet you when you enter. The modifications that have that kind of influence? Well, that’s up to the individual. I am designing my primary bedroom with an unusual layout, because I want to prioritize the view of the ocean. Is it something that my clients would want? Maybe not. But it’s perfect for Breegan! Those are the types of preferences you have to tap into when you’re romanticizing your life.

If you’ve always wanted to be the house everyone comes to for the most extravagant parties or gatherings, design for that! Are you the quintessential host? Design a kitchen that offers various seating arrangements, spaces for serving trays and a good flow for foot traffic. Who says you have to wait for a major holiday to throw the shindig of the year? Pick a theme, decorate and send out the invite list! 

Romanticize Life

I’m installing a hot tub on the roof of my home along with a wet room and ice maker, all because I want my boys to have a place to splash around with their friends. I want to invite my friends over and sip champagne and specialty cocktails as we catch up. For that, I need ice! Ignore the naysayers regarding your interior design. You define your own standard. 

Life is too short for boring. Small things really can be special, and your interior design can help with that. Put fresh flowers on your table for lunch and use the good china. Splurge on that marble table that reminds you of your favorite hotel in Bali. Create spaces that allow you to live life on your own terms! If you’re ready to romanticize your life, contact me at The Expert today! I’m prepared to beautify your spaces and get you on the road to splendid living!

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