January can be a paradoxical month. The new year is in full swing. Ironically, though, as much “newness” as the first month brings, it also creates a time of settlement and silence. After the holidays, things settle down, and we all get back into our grooves, whatever they may be. I personally take this time to focus on self-care, detox and cleanse my inner self of impurities. I also take the time to do a winter “deep clean” to prepare for the coming spring season. It’s a great time to consider refreshing your space, also, and I have just the right tips to do it efficiently and effectively!


Make Room in Your Rooms!

Many people think about buying new things to bring fresh energy to an interior room. I say no to that. One of the most important steps to refreshing your space can be summed up in one word: PURGE! Take “out with the old” literally! That chair collecting dust in the corner that you roll your eyes at? Yes — get rid of it! The knick-knacks on your shelves? Let. Them. Go! If there’s a lot to get rid of, clean one shelf a day. There’s absolutely no time frame for cleaning your house. (But do it sooner rather than later.)

Create an open area in your room, and sit with it for a while. Live in it. See how it feels before you purchase something and fill it with another piece of furniture. Buying doesn’t always fix problems with interior visuals. We all know what too many purchases look like: clutter. That’s the opposite of what we want in the new year. Fix the look of your space by undoing.

Rearrange Your Decor

Before you pull out the plastic to purchase something new, try moving existing things around in your rooms. Get a different perspective of what you have. This is an easy way to begin refreshing your space without spending one dime. You know what they say: sometimes you have to use what you’ve got to get what you want!

My kids have recently been enjoying indoor play, so I brought a table I had outdoors, inside. I’m not sure if it’s going to stay, but I knew I didn’t typically use it outdoors during the winter. On colder nights we enjoy putting puzzles together, so I made it a puzzle nook for our family by the fireplace. Take a look at the things you use inside and outside your home. Repurposing items can bring life to a space and rekindle the use of things like tables and chairs. You’ll be surprised how different something looks if you put it in a different environment.

Bring Purpose and Intention to Your Interior

I preach “functional” design, but I rarely consider that without considering the look that’s presented in a room. You wouldn’t just put paint on a canvas because paint brings color. What you do with the paints has to create something memorable. That’s how I think when designing a room. So when I think about keeping my yoga mats and weights in a common area of my home, I cringe. Breaking my visual aesthetic hurts my heart. But I had to get over it, and it was a great step for me. It can be one for you, too, when refreshing your space.

The reality is, our spaces are intended to meet our needs. There’s really no point in having a beautiful house if it doesn’t work for your lifestyle. I love yoga and working out, so my home should make space for that. It wasn’t easy, but I finally just let go. It’s important to have visually pleasing spaces, but it’s also important to practice what I preach when it comes to the health and good habits I want for my life. Everything won’t be perfect in your space. And that’s okay if being intentional with the space means you set yourself up for things you want to do more often. Renewing your mindset can oftentimes help in refreshing your space. Try it!


Cleaning the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom cleaning can be soooo daunting, especially when you consider tackling the cabinet space under the sinks and typically unseen places. Honestly, nobody wants to deal with that. But that’s precisely why you should. For cabinet cleaning, take it one drawer at a time. Bite the bullet. Put a good playlist on, and just do it. I think it’s a great idea to clean the “junk drawers” around this time of year. It’s called “junk” for a reason, so get rid of what you absent-mindedly put there because that’s where junk goes. (Newsflash: junk actually goes in the trash.)

Do your bathroom and linen closets a favor and toss out ruined or worn linens. You know: the things with the kids’ spaghetti stains on them, the towel that got caught in the dryer and ripped, or the cloths with the infamous bleach spills on them. You don’t use them, so let them go. Or, if you simply have to keep them, cut them up and repurpose them. They can be great rags for washing the car or cleaning carpet spills. But you don’t need 20 of them in your linen closet. Make space for the one you would use for company. That’s all you need for your family and guests.

These are some first steps for refreshing your space and starting your year off spacially lighter. I challenge you to try at least one, and let me know how it goes. I promise you’ll feel better about the new possibilities in your space!

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