Music. It’s something that has always been a staple in my home, both now and during my formative years. Music has magical qualities in my opinion. It has been known to soothe crying babies, conjure memories to those affected by dementia, and even lower heart rate and ease anxiety. I learned to play the piano as a kid, and my little brother plays multiple instruments. So when my boys expressed an interest in music, I knew I wanted to make it a priority. Music education has so many benefits for children, and you might want to incorporate it in your kids’ schedules after this blog!

Music Education Classes, Oh My!

Is it just me, or do young kids have crazier social schedules than adults these days? My boys are both under ten years old, and they have all but completely monopolized any free time I have. But, as many moms will attest, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Extracurricular activities provide so much enrichment for kids. I feel extra lucky that some music education is even built into my sons’ school curriculum! Kingsley and Kensi are enrolled in several different types of music classes. They have voice lessons, song writing, DJing, piano lessons and more. My oldest also recently got a guitar he seems to be loving. In short, if it’s musical, these two are all about it! says that learning music skills can help children cultivate social skills, develop patience and discipline, and even elevate self esteem! The benefits are many, to say the least.

Finding Strength in a Song

If I asked you who your favorite music artist is, what your favorite song is, or which concert was the most unforgettable, you’d likely immediately think of an answer. That’s because many of us form emotional bonds with the music we hear. Think about it, how many times have you played sad love songs while you were going through a break-up? Or, maybe you have a dance mix you listen to when you’re getting ready for a night out. We often turn to music to usher us through tough times and complement the very best of times. Music is our intangible companion.

When I was going through my divorce, I never lost sight of the fact that children often have very big feelings around a change as profound as that. I never wanted my children to suffocate or suppress their emotions. So, I use music education as a way to channel emotions in a healthy manner. Children don’t always have the language to express their feelings in mature ways like adults. But I have found that my boys will easily put their feelings into a song. We use music as a tool to aid in describing emotions. Years ago, when my youngest was upset and throwing a bit of a fit, I would play “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. and tell him to let it out and cry louder! It was an excellent way to release pent up tension! Music heals, and I’ve always embraced that in our home.

Self Discovery

One of the best parts about introducing music education to my children has been watching them learn about their own skills and gifts. Both of my boys are genuinely interested in musical arts. They’re also pretty good at it! However, I’ve never actually cared whether they become professional musicians or not. That’s not a goal of mine. Instead, I watch as my sons have gone from what sounded like aimless banging on piano keys to learning to play “Lean On Me.” I look at how well they can blend songs and count BPMs while DJing. I’m happy to see how proud they are when they present a song to me after working so hard on it. Kingsley and Kensi are learning how to persevere when they have a rough day. 

My kids are enrolled in lots of different types of music classes, and both boys have strengths in some and weaknesses in others. They get frustrated. They may even have moments when they want to quit. But their teachers and I encourage them to keep going. I can see how much more confident they are. It’s all because of their experience with music education. Of course kids will learn reading, writing, math and science. Those are all necessary skills. But if you haven’t already, consider the benefits of learning how to play an instrument or sing, or understanding music theory. Your children’s lives will be enriched as a result!

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