Our homes. They’re the ultimate place of rest, reprieve and relaxation. At least, they should be. And, the definition of “relaxing” shouldn’t be limited to beds and couches. For many, letting loose includes anything that provides pleasure, enjoyment or entertainment. What better way to invite those elements into a home than a luxury home bar? I’ve had the pleasure of creating home bars in several residential projects. Here’s what I love about them, and why I feel any great home should have (at least) one.

Sooo…Why A Home Bar?

It’s probably an overused sentiment at this point, but it still rings true: COVID-19 turned the entire world on its head. So many people started investing more in their homes because that’s where they spent–and still spend–much of their time. At the same time, the desire to enjoy life and its pleasures didn’t stay behind the closed doors we all found ourselves behind. The only natural pivot was to create or bring those out-of-home pleasures into our homes. Thus, “hometertainment” was born and continues to flourish in our personal and private spaces.

Yes, we’re all outside and enjoying many of life’s pre-pandemic frivolities. But the fascination of appreciating our homes in new ways and getting more personal and professional use out of them hasn’t slowed, ironically. As a society we intrinsically still want to delight in others’ company and gather with loved ones. The pandemic taught us through necessity that we now have options to go out or engage in some of those same activities at home. Home bars help to facilitate the socializing aspect of gathering we all love, but with unique touches that create a more tailored experience. Whether it’s catching up with friends, celebrating milestones or simply relishing in spare time, having a bar in your home can set the stage for making memories that will last a lifetime. I always say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but a home bar is a very close second space!

Elements of the Perfect Luxury Home Bar

If you want to create the perfect luxury home bar, know that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all project. There are SO many options from which you can choose. However, there are some basics you’ll need to secure your home bar meets every need you and your guests have.

First, consider your home and its capacity to house a bar space. A home bar will require ample square footage, especially if it will be a place for entertaining. It will be imperative for the space to comfortably accommodate the beverage station, a host or bartender, and several guests. Once you’ve secured the space, decide where it will be in your home. That may be determined by its purpose. Will your home bar be a greeting area for guests, or will it be tucked away for “special” occasions only? Will it exist in a larger living area such as the dining or family rooms, or will you put it in the man cave or the patio for outside entertaining? The first rule of real estate, as many would say, is “location, location, location.” Such is the same for your home bar!

Next, think about what statement you want to make with the visual presentation of your bar. That will determine what materials to use for the most prominent part of your bar: the countertop. The most popular materials to use are stone and wood, and each of those brings a very different aesthetic to the bar presentation. The great thing is that there are so many choices between those two material types. From quartz, granite and marble to walnut, maple and mahogany, you’ll have a limitless amount of visual styles to bring to your bar entertainment area. Other considerations like seating options, layout and bartending tools are also important, but I think these two are priority decisions.

Putting the Breegan Touch on Luxury Home Bars

I have been able to use my creativity and custom interior design prowess for quite a few clients, but I definitely have my favorites. Two of them are included in one multimillion-dollar Spanish villa in Bel Air, UNICA. The first bar was located at the entrance of the home. This was intentional, as I wanted the home bar to greet visitors and give them a landing space while waiting for the primary homeowner to receive them. The entrance bar boasts custom Silver Wave marble stone counters constructed in a ‘U’ shape, which follows the natural curves in the stone’s design. I accented the home bar with lush and comfortable custom bar stools that I knew guests would adore. Under the bar, there are four insets of dark charcoal shagreen (leather made from stingray skin) with slight bronze undertones. This entrance home bar is such a refined way to welcome newcomers into the sprawling megamansion.

In this same home, I created a wellness bar that is simply stunning! This home bar can be seen from multiple levels in the home. Its design is an intentional blend of darker and lighter elements of the home, tying in characteristics of upper and lower level features and complementing the brown in the limestone flooring. It’s such a gorgeous presentation! The bar itself was designed by Alex Turco, who infused elements of smoke and water in the design, perfectly symbolizing the views of the fireplace and waterfall you see from the bar area. It presents such cohesion, and I hope the future owners and their guests appreciate it as much as I did while creating it.

Luxurious home bars are an acquired amenity for a certain type of homeowner, but they can do wonders to enhance the look of an entertainment area of your home. If you ever wondered how you could incorporate a home bar, I can be of service! Let’s connect via The Expert and discuss options with your house and desires in mind!

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