When I tell people about my friend Kelli, “You know, the one with the African sons,” they always meet the statement with, “Wow, she sounds so incredible.” And she is! Her life is as impressive as it sounds. She has created a family in spite of no blood relation. Kelli has her sons living with her, as well as James’ sister and her two-year-old son. I walked into their home last night to take a photo and there was laughter, and yelling, and playing, and a pillow fight happening. It was the most familial scene I could think of. 

If Kelli hadn’t been fearless three years ago, who knows where these boys would be? Who knows the life Kelli would have missed? Sometimes her entire house smells like small fish. And sometimes she is 5th in line for the bathroom. And sometimes she has to listen to African music videos playing on YouTube for hours at a time.

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