As I move on to this next chapter, I must say goodbye to the last one.

I love this home. It has kept my kids safe and warm. It has provided shade breaks on sunny beach days. It has showered our sandy toes. It has lent its warmth at every laugh, hug and cry. I was so busy moving forward; the sadness of leaving crept up on me out of nowhere. It feels like I JUST got this house to the perfect functionality for our needs. From a new kids’ room to several cute high chairs tucked away for extra baby guests, this home was starting to feel perfect. And now it’s time to say goodbye.

I will remember you. I loved you. And I will miss you.

2B6A8176 (artwork courtesy of Kingsley Vallas)

2B6A8174 Storage ottoman hides all my diapers and wipes, as well as my “straight out the door” baby carriers.

2B6A8172Glass enclosure opened up visibility while providing safety and lockable glass gates for toddlers.

2B6A8185Stylish rocking chair, extra room for relaxing massages (every mommy needs the at home  last min massage app:  Soothe) and a rolling co-sleeping crib in the corner.

2B6A8182 Books he can pick himself before bedtime, and a charging station for iPads.

2B6A8187 Carrera, carrera, carrera… need i say more?



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  1. I love that house as well! The white cabinets, tile and glass enlarged the entire room. I want to buy it.