Moms. We know when the babies need changing, what time to be at the recital, and where dad mistakenly put his keys. We’ve memorized the morning, afternoon and nighttime routines. We practically know and do what’s best for everyone—except ourselves. Thankfully, there are resources like the Reme app to be there for us when we can’t be there for ourselves. Here’s why moms need Reme for moments of much-needed relaxation and self-care that don’t come often enough.


The Reme app offers services for muscle stretching, massages and IV therapy—AND I LOVE THEM ALL! Massages are provided in three packages, and you get to decide if you need 60, 75 or 90 minutes of pure deep tissue or Swedish bliss! The stretching services help to relieve muscle tension and increase energy and overall body performance, which can be extremely helpful for moms who are on their feet all day.

One of the best services that I use on the Reme app is IV Therapy. It has helped on occasions when I felt under the weather, and on other occasions when I needed a healthy pick-me-up. Made primarily of water, the eight IV therapy sessions focus on hydration, energy, recovery, revitalization, detoxing, immunity support, and a combination of them all. I recently felt run down after a busy day and taking care of my boys. I used the Reme app to order the “ReBoot Me” IV therapy, and within hours I felt able to jump back in the game. It’s been a great service to have at my access.

Reme app after hours

Here’s another kicker, moms: you don’t have to go ANYWHERE to enjoy the Reme app services! Once you try it, I promise you will never forget the simplicity of being in your home and getting the individualized rejuvenation all moms need. I know there are some days for me that I have really great intentions of going out, but I also have the simultaneous thought of nothing getting done if I have to walk one more step (feel me, moms?). With Reme, professionals will show up at your home, and you will It’s something that I appreciate that’s just for me (besides binging television, of course) at the end of the night.

Reme versus the others

What makes Reme different from other home health services is their mission and philosophy of holistic health and health improvement. Yes, mom, you may desperately need someone to rub out the knots and tension in your muscles. But Reme is concerned about your tired muscles AND helping you understand how to take better care of those muscles—plus your mind and emotions—before you overuse them.

As of this blog’s publishing I’ve had two experiences with Reme massage therapists. One masseuse also worked in a physical therapist’s office, and the other worked with an acupuncture therapist. I love the broad diversity and dexterity among Reme’s professionals. They’ve seemed to care about the holistic aspects of my massage, not just creating an ambiance with candles and music. I honestly appreciate that they want me to heal and restore myself mentally, emotionally and physically.

What’s more, they gave me suggestions and advice as experts that helped me understand what was really going on with my body. I would have never known that the sensitivity in the right side of my body was caused by more tension in the left side of my body—which caused my right side to painfully compensate more. Corrective and proactive methodologies post-session really made me feel well cared for.

Just do it!

Moms, you owe it to yourselves to give the Reme app a try. I promise you’ll get hooked—in a good way. The Reme team will ensure you are ready to tackle everything you need to do! Download the Reme app and prepare to re-awaken who you are as a woman, mom and beautiful human!

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