I will never, ever give up on the belief that moms are the hardest working people in the world. We are the closest thing to Wonder Woman that anyone is going to get. As great as all this “Mom Power” can be, though, it often also comes with a heavy dose of everyone’s expectation of the never-ending strength myth. I hope I do a decent job of debunking that myth; after all, we’re still human.

Moms take care of others all day. We take care of the babies, the adolescents, the significant others and the pets. The only ones that sometimes get neglected in all this maternal excellence is ourselves. Mom guilt and self-imposed over-achiever mode can contribute to the lack of wind-down time we all need from time to time. Well, ladies, it’s time. It’s time to start scheduling in little moments of serenity and recovery. The reality is, we can’t function at our full and best potential if we’re not getting a chance to rest and recharge. 

The lives we lead do not always allow for relaxation methods outside of the home, so I thought I’d share in today’s blog a few ways I “relax, relate and release” without stepping a foot outside of my door.

Wash the Day Away

That heading is a little misleading, because as you’ll read, there is actually very little to no washing going on. I have two rambunctious little ones with boundless energy. During their waking moments, my attention is focused solely on them. That means lots of running, dancing and physical activity. I absolutely love it. I also love what I do when my muscles are tired and tense, and I need to calm my spirit. For me, that can mean the occasional long, hot shower. I put the kids to bed, crank the faucet up to just before scorching, and then…Just. Stand. There. This isn’t the time for cleansing your face or body. There’s no fidgeting with washing or conditioning hair. It’s just 30 (or even longer) or so minutes of bliss that completely steams up the bath and melts my tension away. Try it. Thank me later.

Take Solace in Soothe

This might be one of my favorites, and I’m thrilled to talk about it because it’s one of the web’s best kept secrets. It’s an app (and company) called Soothe. You can (and should) go check out the details for yourself; but the long and short of it is they’re a massage company that will come to your house when you need them. It takes them no time to arrive, and they show up at your door with a massage table ready to go. Dr. Breegan’s prescription? Download the app today. Use when needed.

Great Grapes Galore

Wine. ‘Nuff said.

Okay fine, I’ll say a bit more 🙂 No one drinks more wine (responsibly) than moms, and if they tell you otherwise, they’re lying. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive bottle on the market; it just needs to be the one you love. I can always appreciate a good Beaujolais. Crack it open, have a glass and savor the moment.

Mindless TV

This isn’t the typical reality TV that comes to mind when someone mentions mindless binge watching. My favorites are silly, adult-targeted cartoons like Bob’s Burgers, American Dad and Family Guy. I sometimes have trouble shutting my mind off at the end of a long day, and I’ve found that putting on one of these cartoons usually leads to me zoning out and falling asleep. The TV watches me those nights more than I watch it. It’s a perfect lazy night.

These are things almost anyone can do on a night when you have a moment to yourself. Taking that time is more important than we all realize. It’s impossible for us to pour into others if our own wells are dry. Set aside time to direct some of that loving energy and care back to yourself. Your entire family will be better for it!

These are just a few of the things that I do, but I’d love to know some of your relaxing secrets. Share the things you do to unwind in the comments!

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