Black History Month! an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans

Every now and then you meet someone whose drive amazes you so much that their ambition sort of fills the air between you and you can’t help but be inspired by their essence.

That’s what I felt when I was introduced to Trinity Simone.

Trinity is a spunky 14-year-old entrepreneur with a huge message to send out to the world. She is the founder of the t-shirt company Black Vibe Tribe, which boasts the tagline: “This shop thrives to spread black vibes, and we’ll do it one tee at a time”. Trinity’s graphics and designs are poetically provoking, boldly spreading the message that black culture is rich and beautiful… and important.


I continue to be impressed with her motivation and drive at such a young age. She is the picture of when determination, creativity and hard work collide.

Let’s all support this talented young lady as she continues to pursue her dreams and bring them to fruition! Visit her store at or find her on Instagram at @blackvibetribe



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