If you’re a creative, you know and recognize how important it is to find, seize and harness that creative energy because it feeds your soul like fuel! That is precisely what participating in Las Vegas Market is like. It is where design nobility lives. Las Vegas Market is filled with showroom after showroom of hundreds of thousands of products right at your convenient access. This was my second year attending, and my eyes danced about the entire trip.

Palecek Impressions

I love that you get to see so many different styles all in one place. Palecek Designs caught my eye, and there’s no question why. They impressed me with their refined take on coastal chic. As a native Cali girl I can tell you that there is most certainly a right and wrong way to do it, and they’ve nailed it. The pieces were certainly beachside adjacent without the overstated typical stylings we often see from other designers. I’m excited about being able to offer my Malibu clientele options that feel familiar and appropriate without being so exaggerated. Palecek is one to keep your eye on!

Venice in Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas Market is like going Christmas shopping for friends and family but not being able to resist getting yourself something because it’s all so enticing! I met up with my fellow big-haired friend Justina Blakeney last week, and stopped by Selamat Designs showroom. I was drawn to a true Venice Beach piece, a gorgeous hanging egg chair. These are the types of finds that had me dreaming up places to put them in my own spaces! I enjoyed browsing all of the lovely designs she displayed.

Brand Highlights

If you have furniture fever or lighting lust, Noir Furniture and Currey & Company are must-sees. Noir’s ability to span the design spectrum from amazing white distressed pieces to more polished, golden-hued accents made them a stand out at Las Vegas Market. Currey & Co always inspires me with exquisite lamps, but this year they debuted gorgeous teals, romantic maroons, and oceanic teals. The array of darker hues was splendid. Both Currey & Co and Noir dazzled at this year’s market.

Design Connections

Las Vegas Market isn’t just about the products; It connects people from all across the globe in such organic ways. I was invited to attend the Withit event with Ellen Gefen, which meant so much to me because of my own journey in the world of design. Working with women at Market and learning from them has been an amazing experience. I am constantly encouraged and empowered by the support other women have given me throughout my career. I am sincerely grateful for that.

Attending the Withit event and hearing more about the realities of the design world was sobering. While women are typically the homemakers and decision makers for the shopping and style decisions inside the home, the design industry itself is run by men. I can remember the first time I heard those statistics and being surprised by them. I am no less surprised today.

There were first woman buyers, some of whom were the first ever women to be invited into these showrooms at Las Vegas Market, present at this event. I found it enlivening to be able to meet these pioneers and shake their hands. We stand on their shoulders every day in this industry. It is a bit mindblowing to realize that these “firsts” weren’t that long ago. Women supporting other women has long been one of my passions. To see that love, as well as my love for design, collide here at Market was awe inspiring.

Las Vegas Market is an experience every designer should have once, or dare I say multiple times. It will recharge, refuel and rejuvenate your creativity in a way that no other event will. Your mind, your space and your clients will all be better for it!

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