I am thrilled when I get an opportunity to work with empowering and forward-thinking businesses, especially when they represent the ideals and goals I set for myself personally and professionally. Enter Shinolah.

Shinolah’s brand has always epitomized inspiration, opportunity and commitment. It is a pleasure partnering with a company that extends those ideals not only to its products, but to the innovators creating them, including the talented African-American women driving their latest watches.

As a black female business owner, I recognize and respect the statement Shinolah’s new watch line is making. I am seriously blown away by products like the Limited Edition Maya Angelou timepiece; it is as regal and sophisticated as her legacy is.

I welcome and walk out a daily dedication to strength and diversity, and I applaud Shinolah for doing the same and taking an extraordinary stand for cultural equity in business ownership. Definitely Breegan Jane approved.


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