If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you know I have a lifelong history supporting and working with World Vision. My family and I have enjoyed decades of partnering with them. They have left indelible impressions on the global community. From personal development to emergency relief and public awareness, the organization’s track record speaks for itself. So when I heard about the World Vision “Chosen” initiative, I had no doubt that it would be transformative.

And it is!

Reversing roles

For decades, World Vision has provided individuals and families the opportunity to sponsor children in need. These children typically come from poverty-stricken areas of Africa, Latin America, eastern Europe and Asia. Sponsoring families support their child (or children) monthly and receive updates about their well-being. Collectively, the families have helped over three million children worldwide. That’s the type of organization I can get behind!

The World Vision “Chosen” project is an innovative extension of the child sponsorship opportunities they have spearheaded for years. However, there’s one slight (but AMAZING) twist to it: the sponsored children get to choose the sponsor! This is the opposite of how the organization has done kid-to-family matching in the past. It is a daring and really brilliant strategy!

The framework of the project is simple. People who want to be picked as sponsors sign up online. Then, they attend a “Choosing Party” to take photos of themselves for impoverished children to select. Instead of gathering photos of children in need, they gather photos of all sponsors. World Vision then shows the photos to the kids in need, and the kids choose the person or family with whom they want to connect. This “Chosen” change is so significant in many ways, and I couldn’t be prouder to be associated with this organization.

The significance of being “Chosen”

The World Vision “Chosen” program is not just another thing for the organization to do. The new format and focus makes several very powerful statements. First, it empowers sponsored kids to make decisions about their lives, which is so significant. Many of these precious children don’t have the power or right to make choices about things going on in their world. Giving them the right to select their sponsoring partner will hopefully plant a seed of self-significance in them that will open doors for various decisions in the future. I think that’s simply amazing.

“Chosen” validates the kids’ sense of connection with another, and that resonates with me as a mother and a global neighbor. This initiative allows them to say with their choice, “You matter, and you matter to me.” The interdependent love and mutual support that “Chosen” creates is so compelling, and that’s what I really love about this initiative.

I need your help spreading the word about the World Vision “Chosen” initiative. Watch the video, and consider being a sponsor for these beautiful children. Then, tell everyone you know about it! Lives are being changed and saved as you read this. Yours could be one of them.

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