April of this year was an extremely busy month for me. It was full of several travel and business endeavors. One of the most exciting happened to be my trip to Jacksonville, Florida, to sit down with the ladies of First Coast News’ The Chat. If you haven’t checked that out yet, you can see it here. I had an incredible time talking to the ladies, and the experience was one I’ll never forget. But a couple of equally remarkable events occurred even before I arrived on set, ones that left a lasting impression on my heart. I began preparation for my trek to the East Coast with the show in mind; little did I know I’d later arrive back home with a lesson and story to share.


If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you’re certainly aware by now that I do a lot of talking about my tribe and the important place it holds in my life. When it comes to motherhood, there’s nothing I would trade in place of the people who love and support me as I navigate this complex and mosaic journey we call life. My trip to Florida would prove that, even when unexpected events occur, we are able to lean and depend on our tribe.

There I was, the Tuesday night before, surrounded by flight information, luggage and a pile of clothing to sort through. After my fifth look through the mountain of colorful garments on the bed, I gave into my frustration and sat on the ground cross-legged, elbows resting on my thighs, hands cradling my head. I’m sure the whole ordeal would have been quite funny from the outside looking in. It was what could be the equivalent of an adult tantrum, albeit a mild one. We’ve all been there: the eve of a big event when everything should be handled, perfectly organized and ready to go, and yet you have NOTHING to wear! What woman hasn’t encountered this dilemma?

My bout of irritation only lasted a couple of minutes before I switched into problem-solving mode and decided to call in reinforcements. I remembered one of my good friends is a professional stylist, and she’s amazing! Her name is Dill Tronik and she’s worked on several fashion and styling campaigns. Her talents include (but are not limited to) fashion styling, hair and makeup. Dill was even responsible for my makeup on my wedding day.

At 8 pm, the night before my 5 am flight, I was able to call Dill and ask for her help with styling for the show. Without any question she showed up with love and enthusiasm oozing from her pores. With loads of wardrobe items in tow, Dill was able to give me unadulterated advice about which pieces flattered my shape and would translate well on camera and TV. Her opinions proved to be invaluable, and I felt beautiful in what we selected. I went to bed that night with a weight off of my shoulders, and I’m supremely thankful to Dill for that.

The next day, while waiting in the airport, I received an email from Lilia, a woman I’d contacted weeks before. She is a makeup artist with a stunning portfolio in the Jacksonville area, and I wanted to see if she was available that day to do my makeup for the show. With all that had gone on, I’d almost forgotten about it until that ringtone met my ears in that moment. The message was simple: “I’m sorry! Don’t know how the email got lost, but do you still need makeup?” It was as if the universe sensed my mild anxiousness and decided to give me reassurance. I quickly replied, “Yes!” and we confirmed details. Later, we met at my hotel, and she was lovely. I learned that, among other things we shared, she was also a mom and entrepreneur. I was thrilled that, on top of her cosmetic expertise, I was able to employ and support another mom!

From the night before the trip to the flight home, I left the whole experience amazed that no matter where I go, I am never alone or without support. The plight of women and moms is universal, and it’s something we can all relate to. It’s the ultimate bridge that bonds us. When you think about it, we are all a member of each other’s tribe. The opportunity to work with other women in the business world is more than happenstance; it is a gift. Women hold so much power and strength in all that we do and in who we are; it seems silly not to harness that in a way that benefits every one of us.

Dill’s assistance resulted in an exquisitely ensembled look that made me feel elegant on live TV. Lilia’s makeup gave me a glow that made me appear lit from within, and I seemed to walk a little taller and sit a bit straighter. Both of these ladies contributed to my increased confidence, something that everyone deserves from their tribe. I am reminded that we need each other. We glean from one another, and we lift each other up. I’m happy to support women in both my personal and professional lives, and I’m so proud of what we’re accomplishing and showing the world. Women working with women will be the foundation for future success, and I’m just getting started!

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