Ah, social media. Lots of people have a love-hate relationship with it. Most of us visit sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter regularly, checking out our friendship circles or posting photos that we wish to share with others. It’s so interesting to browse through and look at all the gorgeous pictures of pretty people and exotic locations, but it can often leave one feeling like there’s an impossible beauty standard to live up to. My style can sometimes be a conversation starter, because it’s admittedly a bit funky and out of the ordinary. Sometimes people even mistake me for being high maintenance, and I find that hilarious. That couldn’t be further from the truth; for that reason, though, I thought I’d talk a little about achieving “glam” effortlessly.

Moms are easily the busiest people I know. Our lives can be unpredictable and leave little room for a two hour primp session in the morning. We want to look good, but being stylish can feel unattainable when you’re operating on a sleep deficit and trying to keep up with tots all day. The good news is, it doesn’t always require a ton of time and effort to get glammed up! I’ve learned a few tips and tricks, and I can’t wait to share them with my fellow supermoms.

The first piece of advice deals with hair. Sure, anyone can look gorgeous when they have time to wash, flatiron and curl or go for a brazilian blowout. Who realistically can commit to that on a daily basis, and even if you could, be honest… would you want to? Instead of trying to procure Rapunzel’s flowing locks, opt for a bun! My go-to is a huge messy bun or topknot. The bigger the better! It’s ideal because it requires little effort, accentuates your facial features and doesn’t need to be perfect. Pull that hair up and rock the bun with confidence. If you wear it along with some of my other tips, everyone will think you totally planned it as a style.

Perhaps one of the most important things any stylish mom can own is a big pair of trendy sunglasses. They hide a multitude of sins! Sleep deprivation, a glass too many of your favorite wine or a late night crying fit can leave your eyes puffy, red and irritated. Throw on your shades, and no one will ever know. Bonus points if you rock a bright red or pink lippie with them! The pop of vivid, bold color will be so distracting that you won’t worry about what’s behind the shades. If you go for a really cute pair, you’ll find yourself reaching less and less for concealer, as everyone will be complimenting you on your specs! I own several cool pairs of sunglasses, and–shocker alert!–I rarely pay more than ten dollars or so for them. I’m a mom with young kids. That means any fragile thing is in danger of being broken. No need to splurge for designer frames when I can rock inexpensive ones and change them with my mood!

Clothing is a biggie. A couple of my close girlfriends and I talk a lot about perception as it relates to moms, and how we never feel like we quite fit in with the “pastel mom groups.” I’m probably not what most think of when they picture mom style, but I make my style my own. Here is how I approach fashion: I’m much more comfortable going “rockstar” than pastel. This makes perfect sense to me, since moms are the biggest rockstars of all! Both groups live moment to moment, they both have busy lifestyles, and they both have tons of people who depend on them for specific services. Rockstar life it is! What does this have to do with fashion, you ask? Well when I have nothing to wear, I’m much more likely to reach for my edgy leather jacket than a frilly or even frumpy dress. Feel like just throwing on a t-shirt and jeans instead of the whole to-do with a blouse and matching trousers? Put a funky scarf on with it! I am more comfy in my dirty vans sneakers than a pair of stiletto heels any day.

Don’t be afraid to take risks with your fashion. The key to an easy mom glam is confidence and comfort. Our lifestyles don’t always allow for extended time to preen and beautify. Make the most of what you’ve got by throwing accessories into the mix (chokers, scarves, brightly colored shoes), rocking a messy bun and donning clothing you feel good in. I promise you’ll be having mini photo shoots with the little ones and walking a bit taller behind those shades while doing it!

So there are a few of my quick go-to’s. What are some of your easy glam tips and tricks?


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