One of the best things about being an independent entrepreneur is that I get to set my own hours. That affords me time to spend with my two favorite people, my boys. Whether we’re driving, walking or enjoying the cargo bike, I love taking the kids out to enjoy all that Venice has to offer. There’s so much to see and do in southern California. Here are a few places that my kids and I love to frequent:

The Beach:

There is nothing quite like an LA beach day. The sand squishing between your toes. The clearest blue skies. The salty smell of the ocean’s breeze, the amazing sunsets against the horizon. It’s paradise for my boys and me. They love running around and being carefree, and I love throwing on a one-piece and slathering on the sunscreen. From the shops to the restaurants to the amazing sights and sounds, a day at the beach with my boys is relaxing fun.

Spa and Stay:

If you know Breegan, you know that I adore traveling. But I also enjoy a nice stay-cation when I can get one. There are so many hotels in the Venice area that allow pool access with a spa treatment, and the combination of those two is all I need to rejuvenate and refresh! I can relax with the little ones poolside and let them enjoy splashing around.

Santa Monica Farmer’s Market:

The Farmer’s Market is the perfect place to bring your family especially if you have children. There’s such a spirit of community and support each time we go. I really appreciate the organic food options that many local merchants offer, and my boys do, too (though their appreciation is linked to the snacks and local hummus they gobble down). At the Farmer’s Market I can get entertainment, do grocery shopping, and pick up fresh flowers all in one place. Plus, on occasion, we get a chance to watch people practice acro-yoga. It truly is a one-stop shop we all enjoy!

So these are just a few of the places my family loves to visit. Where do you take your kids for city adventures? I’d love to read your answers in the comments below.

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