I was recently asked about where my personal design inspiration comes from, and what my major influences were. Honestly, I get inspiration from so many places and things. Moods, feelings, creative combinations in my mind…these all shape a great deal of how I do what I do. However, there are a few distinct people, places and ideas from which I’ve gathered recurring elements within my designs. Here are just a few.

Seeds from Mom

My professional style incorporates influences from several key design inspirations throughout my life. My mother was my first inspiration. I’ve always known her to be an artist. She created much of our home decor growing up—even some of the chandeliers! My mother always included me in many of her projects. That definitely planted a creative seed within me.

That seed blossomed a few different layers of initial design inspirations in me. I got an opportunity to open up my own retail store at age 18, and I decided I wanted to design the interior myself. I quickly realized that I enjoyed designing the store more than styling mannequins! From there I began staging luxury yacht interiors. This opportunity afforded me a great deal of autonomy to put my personal spin on the creative look of a space. More opportunities presented themselves, and before you know it, I started designing commercial and residential spaces.

After all of this, I ultimately decided to launch my own design business. However, none of this would or could have happened without my mom showing me the ropes. Her artistic endeavors inspired my own, and I will always be grateful to her for instilling creativity in me.

Summoned by the Sea

My design inspiration is also highly influenced by the beach and coastal living. I’ve always lived near the ocean, and I always will. The comfort of sand and sea breezes, the cool, vibrant colors of the ocean, the tranquil ambiance…they all speak to me personally and creatively.

The beach is unassumingly indulgent to me. Feeling the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair, the sand and water between my toes…they’re all indescribable sensations to me. Plus, it’s one of the most relaxing places for me. Whether it’s in the morning, mid-day or late in the evening, Visually, the mesh of bright and dark are so perfect, with cool blues and warm, sandy neutrals complementing each other perfectly. The coast is one of the most picturesque images the eye can behold.

From the emotions to the senses to the visuals, I’m enthralled by everything the beach and ocean create. That’s precisely the connection I want my clients to have with a space I create. I want everything from the floors to the cabinets, to the wallpaper to the lamps and couches—to captivate people. Their point of reference doesn’t have to be the ocean, but the mood and feeling of satiation should. My desire to have clients experience that with the space I create guides all of my choices for design with each project.

Motherhood and me

Interestingly, motherhood has also been a huge design inspiration for me. When I had my first son, I always wanted to make sure my home space was functional for my new family. Yet, I didn’t feel like I had to sacrifice elegance choices in design and home decor. I knew there had to be a middle ground.

I began incorporating elements to balance the different aspects of my life. I used stylish baskets that blended perfectly with my home decor, but secretly held my boy’s miscellaneous toys and favorites. His high chair was stylish and converted to grow with him as he aged. Balancing mommy and adult life wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

The multipurpose ideas kept flowing, and I adopted that philosophy as a creative mantra in my design projects. My clients live multifaceted lives, also. It is important to me to infuse practical sophistication in design ideas I curate for them. Creating spaces that maintain accessibility and opulence equally is now one of my design specialties, and I have a roster of clients who really appreciate that!

As you can see, my design inspiration runs the gamut from family to surroundings. What inspires you, either as a creative or someone looking to switch up your home design? I’d love to know what you consider when you think about creating your ultimate comfort space. Let me know in the comments!

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