Picture it: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I’m enjoying a mini-vacation with two close girlfriends, and we’re letting loose in the hotel room. There’s dancing, there’s laughing…good vibes all around. Then this mellow dance song comes on, and I start ZONING on the feel and the lyrics:

They’ll try to make you talk
Don’t give them nothing
You’re up against the wall
Waiting for judgment
Open your prison door
Nobody’s watching

You only get one shot;
You better run for your life.

I’m hooked. Instantly.

Mako’s track “Run for Your Life” embodies my life on a few levels. First, I oftentimes feel that pressure of so many opportunities and plans, and I like it. It pushes me to proverbially ‘run for my life’ and give it my all. It’s a challenge to myself to do all I can to ensure the future I want for my boys and myself. But the song also is a good juxtaposition of “zen Breegan” and “Hustle Breegan.” I’m always strategizing, even when I’m relaxing, so it felt appropriate to be thinking about all of the “one shots” coming up in my life, and to think about them while on vacation.

I know some are thinking, “But you’re on VACATION, Breegan!” Well, sometimes working and hustling isn’t always the overt, behind-the-desk work image that many people think about. I actually get epiphanies when I’m calm and relaxed, not in the heat of decision-making moments when a lot is happening. So when Mako’s song started playing, it energized me. It’s housey, it’s happy and it’s meaningful–just like me. 🙂

Grateful to have this one in the playlist as one of my motivational tracks.

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